During the selection of a web hosting server for your web page, it is natural to get torn between price and efficiency. The option with a lower price tag has reduced efficiency and vice versa. However, analysts and experts suggest watching out for an efficient service rather than inferior price, which offers enhanced productivity in the long run. This option not only enhances the customer database but also contributes to the elevated performance.

Dedicated Servers

When you were at the initial stage of your business, you may have opted for shared hosting service. This is the most affordable option among the available options and offers minimum efficiency. However, with time, as the business grows so does the need for robust hosting service. Dedicated servers are one of the most viable options for efficient hosting service available today, but let us discuss this a little further…

Which Server will Offer the Finest Service for Your Web Page?
There are diversified options, where the resources like CPU, RAM, operating system, storage, etc. are available in varied portions. Through this article, we will be discussing dedicated servers, which is the best option for the websites that demand top-notch specifications. Why settle for less when you can avail the most efficient and worthy hosting service?

Fundamentals of the Dedicated Web Hosting Services
It is a web hosting service that offers you an access to the entire server. Can it get better than this? Yes, it can, as you become the sole owner of the server. This gives you the liberty to scale the resources and business as per your need. Once you own the server on the lease, you become the exclusive controller of the software and hardware resources. Don’t you think this is enough to demand a higher price tag? Well, there are more in store for you other than just the unique ownership.

Benefits Offered by the Dedicated Hosting Servers
Let us have an intense look at the advantages offered by this web hosting service:
• It is a highly reliable platform that offers immense advantages by offering seamless services to the clients.
• Since the bandwidth of the server is not shared, it has higher uptime with no lag.
• The clients visiting the website can rest assured of no downtime with elevated service.
• If you desire to opt for this service at the initial stage of the business, the resources can be scaled accordingly. It not only saves the cost but also offers a solution as per your appropriate requirement.
• The scalable resources allow you to expand the business any moment without any constriction.
• It offers you with a strong control over the features as no other websites are shared on the server.
• It offers enhanced security as the server is not shared. It doesn’t give access to the confidential information of the web page.
• The amalgamation of regular updates and security patches makes this hosting service the most secure and productive option.

Be a Picky Chooser Rather than a Lenient One
It must have been very clear to you that every website is different from each other. Hence, you can’t compromise on the features. Look for a service provider that not only offer stupendous dedicated hosting service but also suit the hardware and software specifications. Let us have a look at the features that will make your decision-making process easier.

• Processor- Only a powerful processor can handle the fluctuations of a website. If you require services to cope up with the hiked traffic and media-rich content, then you need to choose wisely. Virtualization server, CPU-intensive scripts, SQL server, video transcoding servers, and servers for games are the attributes to look out for.

• Memory- Understand the memory requirement of your web page and seek a compatible service. This feature affects the loading speed of the website, which is directly related to the satisfaction of the clients. This is available in the form of Random Access Memory or RAM that enable the users to approach information from the server.

• Storage-The quality and quantity of the hard drive can be selected by you depending on the nature of information stored on the website. In case of sensitive data, you must select a small hard drive with another one to store the backup. However, if you need to store a huge amount of data, you can opt for a larger hard drive. This helps in the proper management of the storage space offered.

• Bandwidth- It is the major determiner of the amount of data transferred between the server and website. Therefore, it is important to analyze the density of traffic received by your website. This will help understand the bandwidth need. Apart from the traffic, the content of the web page also contributes to the need for bandwidth immensely.

• Operating System- Linux and Windows are primarily the two operating systems that are used in the servers. It is chosen based on the nature of the website and specific needs. If the websites are programmed on ASP.NET or MS SQL, then the websites demand a dedicated windows server. However, if these are designed with Apache, PHP, MySQL, or Ruby on Rails, the websites need Linux or UNIX dedicated servers. The control panel must also be available along with the aforementioned criteria for the selection of the operating system.

Selection of a Competent Dedicated Service Provider
Along with the perfect attributes, you must never fail to recognize the proficient service provider. This will ensure enhanced support and reduced cons. Some of the essential factors for the selection are:

• Uptime
• Strong technical support
• Positive customer feedback
• Hardware and software
• Budget

Dedicated servers are highly beneficial for you if you have media-rich content and high-volume of traffic. However, it is not a general theory to be implemented by all the service providers. Precaution must be taken to analyze the pros and cons of the same. There is a fine line between the positive and negative aspects. Hence, understand the basic points minutely and take necessary steps to avoid any breaches. 

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