How to Build a Taxi App?

Ola and Uber have taken over the taxi services marketplace by storm. These aggregator apps and their top-class taxi services have created a flutter among the users of cab service. Building apps like Ola, Uber and Lyft clones as extensions of your existing cab services have its own set of benefits.

The taxi booking app for your cab service business can surely make end user’s booking experience stress-free probably leading to growth in client base.

Build a Taxi App

The taxi booking application can be tailor-made to match your requirement. You can add certain features which are suited to local demand to enhance the user experience. A larger database can be introduced that would support more people from the local front. In view of these benefits, you will certainly consider a taxi-hailing app for your business. But the bigger question will be – How to build an app like Ola?


You can get the app for taxi bookings like Ola for Android and iOS platforms. There are two mobile applications that come with Taxi Booking apps such as Passenger App for booking and tracking cabs and Driver App which the drivers can use for accepting the requests for mobile booking.

The whole idea of creating an Ola-like app is to make an app enriched with features customized to match your requirement. Creating a UX focused mobile application is critical to help users book cars with ease. So, make sure your cab aggregator clone script and applications are built with concepts of usability in mind. You need to communicate to the app developers to build these features.

Passenger App Features
Register: Users can easily register directly from their mobile app for using the application. In fact, users can request a ride with the push of a button.

Register Card: Auto payment feature shall allow a user to register their cards directly from the app and automate the payments.

Add Payment: Users should be able to add multiple numbers of cards for making the payment.
Track Drivers: The application should allow the user to track the availability of drivers and their progress to users’ location. Additionally, it should let the user check and identify drivers and facilitate chat/call to communicate with drivers. The app should notify users once their driver arrives so that they can wait comfortably indoors till the car reaches.

Pickup Location: Users should be able to set their pickup location after logging in by setting the destination on the map or through Google Places. An option to accumulate multiple pickups should be made.

Select Cab Type: The app shall allow the user to select the type of taxi as per their budget well as explore various other details such as price per km, the price charged per minute and minimum fare for each kind of cab. Easy to use the option to compare rates for different rides should be featured on the app.

Fare Calculator: Users should be allowed to calculate the fare easily using the app. Calculating the distance between the pick-up and destination point the fare to reach a certain place can be determined using google API’s.

Live Tracking: The user shall be able to update the taxi live on their app once the cab is booked. They should be able to share their tracking code with family/friend for live tracking. GPS will be instrumental to locate the user’s current position. Easy to use real-time tracking system shared with their loved gives the user a sense of safety. Google Places and Maps are used as an indicator for pickup and drop off points.

Automatic Payment: Secure payments through Wallet app, PayPal, cash or any other payment gateway of choice should be made available to the user. After the completion of the journey, a deduction is made towards payment for the cab if cash is not selected as the mode of payment. Order and payment receipt should be mailed to the user instantly on their phone and registered email ids.
Review and Rating:

The app should provide for user feedback. They should be able to rate the driver and write a textual review about their experience with the taxi service. This will help grow the popularity of the app in case of positive feedback otherwise will let the provider improve their services by quick resolution to the grievances.

Booking History: The user should be able to track their booking history with the help of the app. The app can have analytics features along with stored invoices for tracking of payment.

Driver App Features
Register: Drivers can register directly on the platform from their mobile app. They can go live after the admin approves their profile.

Booking: The application helps drivers accept mobile booking requests. The driver ideally should be provided with 15 seconds to accept or reject on any new booking requests sent to their phones. The app allows them to see the pickup point along with the distance from their present location as well as the distance between the point of pickup and drop.

Status: The app allows the driver to update the user when he/she has accepted or rejected the booking, reached the pickup point, and dropped the passenger.

Booking History: The app should allow the driver to access the booking history and let them check the status of each ride including canceled bookings. This way drivers can keep a tab on the number of requests they have accepted and other details related to the service.

If you had wondered as to How to build an app like Ola then these features in your taxi-hailing app are particularly crucial. Make sure your taxi hiring clone script diligently includes all of them. This will help you build a driver base that can help you expand your car booking service.

However, don’t forget to think through certain ‘invisible features’ such as conversion metrics, in-app analytics and the ‘special cases’ like what if driver or customer loses network connectivity? Or his/her GPS starts to send wrong data? What if phones run out of battery? These considerations are vital to make a service work either on technical or business side.

Discuss your mobile application requirements with a team of experienced UX designers and developers to launch a successful online taxi booking app like Ola.

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