If you are currently planning to start an online marketing campaign for your business, you might already have come across different strategies such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, email marketing, paid-to-click (PTC) services, and others. With so many options to choose from, several entrepreneurs and small business owners are left undecided about which particular strategy they should use for their marketing campaign.

The truth is every strategy stated above has its own pros and cons and they also come at varying costs and duration. If you are managing a huge business with high budget allocation for marketing and advertising purposes, then you won’t have a problem trying out each and every strategy and analyzing which one created the most conversions.

For smaller businesses with limited funds, using SEO straight away as their primary marketing tool is the highly recommended approach.

With SEO, you cannot only save money on expensive advertising, but you can also achieve better results that will last for long. To know more about the benefits of the strategy, check out the top three reasons it is important to use SEO in your marketing plan below.

1. It is a cost-efficient approach.
Compared to other digital marketing strategies, search engine optimization offers the best value to your business. Other forms of online marketing still work in different ways. For instance, social media marketing can effectively improve your online presence through interaction with the consumers and pay-per-click services (PPC) can still be useful in creating quick conversions and profits for your business.

On the flip side, SEO has the fastest return on investment with its relatively cheaper costs. It also serves as a strong foundation for your business because of its longer period of effectiveness compared to other forms of digital marketing.

2. It effectively enhances brand awareness.
Looking at the search results pages from Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and similar services, it is usually the higher-ranked websites that get the most impressions and conversions. And this is exactly the objective of SEO strategies.

By providing more focus on targeted keywords, high-quality content, up-to-date and factual information, user-friendly web design, and superb customer support, your website can easily achieve a high web ranking. Using SEO techniques also helps increase web traffic, customer retention, and satisfaction.

3. It is already used by most businesses online.
With almost all businesses already using SEO as their main marketing tool for their websites, there should be no reason for you to always keep a step behind your competitors. By using this strategy, you can effectively improve your position, boost the effectiveness of other tools that you use, and increase the accessibility of your business to online consumers.

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