Dualshock 5
Image: Lets go digital

According to a new leaked patent from Sony via folks at Respawn First, the next-generation controller for PS5 called the Dualshock 5 might come with a new feature called biofeedback that will allow players to measure their heart-rate and even sweat secretion while using the controller for playing games. The new feature is supposed to help Sony modify the user-experience better.

According to the leaked patent image (shown below), Dualshock 5 will come featuring sensors on both sides grips. These sensors are supposed to help gather biofeedback from the user’s hands during normal use.

Dualshock 5 New Patent

The collected data will then be delivered to the PS5 system that will help it in making adjustments to a user’s gaming experience.

It’s not certainly sure yet that how this new feature will actually work. The purpose of the new patent is said to provide “an immersive and highly interactive experience for players.” The new Dualshock 5 with biofeedback seems interesting as it can help developers in bringing better and more immersive gameplay experiences for players.

However, Sony is yet to reveal and confirmed any of these details. We will surely look forward to more details regarding these new features and will update this post with fresh details as we get.