Zombie Army 4 will be Free for Stadia Pro Subscribers

Zombie Army 4

The sequel to the 2015 compilation game Zombie Army Trilogy called Zombie Army 4 will be available to claim for free on Google Stadia Pro on May 1. Notably, Zombie Army 4 is already available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One and now the game is set for a release date on May 1st for Google Stadia.

Rebellion, the developer of the Zombie Army 4 today announced that the Zombie Army 4 will be out for Stadia on May 1st and will be free for Stadia Pro subscribers.


If you don’t already know, Google has announced two months of free access to its Stadia Pro game streaming service. Notably, the Stadia Pro is currently available for free in 14 countries with instant access to nine free games, including GRID, Destiny 2: The Collection, and Thumper.

During the free period, you will also be able to purchase more individual games from the Stadia store if you want. Notably, the games you will purchase will remain yours even if you cancel the Stadia Pro subscription. Also, if you are already a Stadia Pro subscriber then you won’t be charged for the next two months.

If you want, below are the simple steps to follow to start playing on Google Stadia for free.

  • Go to Stadia.com to sign up
  • Download the Stadia app on Android or iOS devices if you want to play it on your phone or table
  • Play on your laptop, desktop or Chrome OS tablet with your favorite (HID compliant) USB supported controller or mouse and keyboard
  • Play over Wi-Fi on Pixel or many supported Android phones
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