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Resident Evil 3

With its development underway at M-Two, Resident Evil 4 Remake will really feature elements unheard of in the story. The information was published by the insider Dusk Golem.

Golem adds that the project was leaked “too soon”, something that bothered some Capcom executives. However, everyone is committed to creating something much more ambitious this time around.


“This is the last RE4 Remake question I’ll answer for a while (I know more than most on RE4 Remake right now, but there’s a LOT I don’t know at this point in time, & the things I do know mostly are best to be seen than talked about literally a year or so before the game’s announcement, I keep saying this but I’ll repeat myself, RE4 Remake leaked too soon even if with RE8 I think some would get suspicious), but yes the story is an area they’re focusing on expanding greatly. Not in the way you described though,” says Golem.

“I guess the one random thing I can toss out there as an example is, have you ever thought about what Dr. Salvador’s deal in RE4 was? No? Well, prepare to be intrigued,” Golem concluded.

We had no additional details of these possible new elements in the story, just a hint that it may involve Dr. Salvador. The main characteristic of the villain is his weapon: a chainsaw.

Resident Evil 4 Remake is being developed by the studio M-Two, founded by the former head of PlatinumGames, Tatsuya Minami. Unlike the previous two games, this time we will have a bigger team working on the project, even members from Devil May Cry 5.

The launch of Resident Evil 4 Remake is scheduled for 2022.

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