Tales Of Arise

Japanese multinational video game developer and publisher Bandai Namco has announced that Tales Of Arise has been delayed until further details provided. The game is the latest title in the “Tales of” series.

“While COVID-19 has affected some aspects of development, we’ve done our best to adapt to the situation and have implemented remote development capabilities for our team. Yusuke Tomizawa the producer of “Tales of Arise.” said in an official announcement post.

“However, we will need more time to achieve the quality and provide the gorgeous experience we envision for our players, and therefore we decided to delay the launch timing for Tales of Arise“.

The dev didn’t announce a new release date for the Tales Of Arise but it did note that more details will be provided soon. As a reminder of the game, Bandi Namco has also shared a high-quality Wallpaper image that you can download for your desktop PC here.

To recall, Tales of Arise is a Bandai Namco’s upcoming RPG adventure storyteller game and it got its first official reveal trailer out last year in September during Tokyo Game Show 2019.

Check out the key features of the Tales Of Arise game below.

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