Rogue Legacy 2

Developer Cellar Door Games today officially released Rogue Legacy 2 early access trailer. Rogue Legacy 2 will release as Early Access on both Steam and Epic Games Store for PC players on July 23.

Rogue Legacy 2 is a sequel to the original Rogue Legacy game that first came out back in 2013. According to the Rogue Legacy 2 Steam page, the sequel comes with lots of improvements over the first game. Rogue Legacy 2 is said to feature brand new styles, unique weapons, revamped biome generation, improved accessibility, and more.

Rogue Legacy 2 Early Access and Final Game Price

According to Wario64 tweet, the Early access price for Rogue Legacy 2 will be $19.99, while the game will originally cost at $29.99 when early access ends.

You can watch the Rogue Legacy 2 early access trailer below.



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