Call of Duty 2020

For several weeks it has been rumoured that Activision is intending to reveal the new chapter dedicated to the famous Call of Duty 2020 saga very soon.

Although at the moment it is not clear whether the reveal of the game will take place during an event or a showcase or, as several rumours suggest, with an in-game event of Modern Warfare and Warzone, in the past few hours the US giant has sent several Call of Duty-themed crates, offered to journalists and influencers, revealing a hypothetical announcement date.

According to what emerged on Reddit, and on various Twitter accounts, the crates in question would be accompanied by a note that “advises” not to open everything until Monday 10 August at 12PM ET.

Here is what is reported:


This just arrived from Activision.

“Do not open this crate until August 10 at 12PM ET.”

At the moment we do not know the contents of the box and we do not know if Activision actually intends to break the delay and officially announce the new chapter of the famous Call of Duty 2020 saga, which will most likely be called Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War on 10 August.

Additionally, the first-person shooter will be in development at Treyarch and Raven Software, news confirmed by Robert Kostich, president of Activision.


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