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Perhaps one of the biggest achievements in one’s life would be to buy a house. Renowned home building companies, such as Carlisle Homes, know well how there is a particular air of triumph that comes when you finally hold the keys to a brand new abode, a humble bungalow, or the cosiest apartment in town.

Australia is one of the places where people scour to find the best deals they can get on house sales and properties. Although recognised as among the most urbanised places globally, it still offers the perfect balance between urban living and a breezy life in the countryside. On average, the price range of a humble but decent house in Sydney alone would cost anywhere from $799,000 to $855,000.

The numbers are not bad compared to other countries or areas where more than a fortune is spent on the tiniest spaces and unpleasant neighbourhoods.

Finding the perfect place to call home in Australia entails familiarity with the landscape and, more importantly, how seasonal changes affect the structure and market value of residential properties.

So what is it like looking for homes through the four seasons in Australia?


During summer, try house hunting towards the latter half of the season. Around this time, most families are in the middle of enjoying their vacation elsewhere. With more potential homebuyers out on family trips, you have less competition on housing deals that pique your interest. There are also fewer weather disturbances, giving you more time to view the house and inspect it in its pristine condition.


Similar to the summer, Spring is also favourable to most real estate properties. Homes are not at risk of damages caused by calamities that it is in good enough shape to pass several inspections and house visits by potential buyers. Competition in the market is also tough during Spring, so a quick and effective house buying strategy should be prepared ahead of time.


The number of buyers will gradually decrease at the beginning of Autumn. It is also a period where much preparation and maintenance are done in preparation for winter’s harsh conditions. Buyers need to be careful with sudden drops in prices or too-good-to-be-true deals. There is a high chance that other buyers may have scouted properties ahead of time and have secured better negotiations, leaving others with the least advantageous rates for their desired home.


Winter may pose the risk of harsher weather conditions, but it is also the best time to test out a real estate’s durability and see how well it fairs during extreme environmental conditions.

Fixtures within the property, such as the fireplace, drains, and water heater system, can be tested as well. In this manner, homebuyers can also gauge possible costs and repairs that might be needed in the house. Builders like Carlisle Homes offer homebuyers with flexible window hours at any time of their convenience.

People do not realise that timing is crucial in hunting for houses, especially in a location such as Australia, frequented by tourists, real estate brokers, and individuals looking to start a new life. If one decides to go house hunting without a clear buying strategy, they could be losing more money and investing in a property that does not match their preferences.

Indeed, one of the secrets to securing an excellent house is to plan everything, from the type of house to the location, budget, and time or schedule for viewing the property.

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