Do you have a home improvement project? One of the ways to add character in your house is by utilising natural elements like stones. Incorporating it in your place will add warmth and texture to it that cannot be brought about by simply settling with ordinary cement. Australian companies like Armstone have a huge selection of stone products that are perfect for pavements, gardens, and walls. This article aims to give you tips to help you create a stunning outdoor look using stone products.

Stones for pavement

Cobblestones are time-tested stone products that have been used for centuries. Ancient cities like Rome and Pompeii used this material for their pavement. Now, they are one of the choice materials for driveways and walkways. The reason for this is because cobblestones can withstand frequent foot traffic and are slip-resistant. When sealed with a penetrating glue, homeowners will have no trouble maintaining them.

If you are canvassing for cobblestones, look for products that have snapped edges since they would give you a more authentic look. Coloured compounds like flamed basalt, brick travertine, and cod bluestone are often more aesthetically-pleasing, but remember that they retain more heat.

As such, do not expect that you will enjoy walking barefoot on it during hot summer seasons. As a final tip for buying cobblestones, you may want to consider getting granite materials if you want your pavement to last for decades. Granite cobblestones are relatively harder and more durable than other choices like sandstone, limestone, and basalt.

Stones for your garden

Stones for your garden are typically called landscaping rocks by suppliers like Armstone. Beach pebbles are often the most popular choice by people who like putting stones around their plants. Some homeowners also incorporate boulders that have no functional purpose but can serve as focal points to make the layout more appealing.

If you need decorative stones to help with your outdoor drainage, it is highly advisable to get pea gravel. These small stones can help to alleviate damages caused by the excess flow of water in the area.

Meanwhile, if you need decorative stones for weed control, you can look for slate chips since they reduce the germination of pesky wild plants. They also help in water retention, which makes them perfect if you are gardening in small spaces.

Stones for your walls

Stone cladding is a practice that attaches natural stones on a pre-constructed structure. The stone materials used in this project commonly take the form of metamorphic rocks like marbles, sedimentary rocks like sandstone and limestone, and igneous rocks like granite.

If you have the budget, you may want to consider using marbles on your walls. They used to be the go-to material of many architects, but their utilisation declined over the years because they have become expensive.

On the other hand, granites still remain one of the most commonly used stones for wall design since they are the most naturally occurring. It also helps that granites are easy to attach and can maintain their colour for a long time.

You also have the option of using limestone on your wall if you fancy a colourful display. Limestone comes in different shades – from the most common white-coloured rocks to bluish hues.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to using stones as décor. Not only are these construction materials durable, but they are also very stylish and can bring about a certain ambience than no other products can.

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