How Call of Duty Can Replace PUBG in India?


PUBG was one of the most famous and widely played games in India. Released back in 2017, the title soon gained popularity due to its Battle Royale styled gameplay. Initially, the game was only released for PC, Xbox, and PS4 but again in 2018, it was released for Android. PUBG gained the majority of its popularity due to the Android platform. The main reason behind this was the affordability as everyone wasn’t able to afford the gaming PC.

South Asia, especially India was one of the countries with millions of PUBG players. It was more than a game for some players as their leisure time, YouTube channels were dependent on PUBG. Unfortunately, the PUBG along with some other Chinese apps were banned in India, as the tensions are rising between the rival nations.

We cannot expect how soon can this ban lifted, but some games are far better than PUBG. It’s better to shift toward another game platform until we hear some good news. Call of Duty is one of them with realistic gameplay, enhanced graphics, improved physics, and a lot of other features. Call of Duty was also in our latest list of top 5 multiplayer games for PC.

In this article, we will describe some of the best Call of Duty features and how this game can replace the PUBG in India.

  • In-game Features:

The Call of Duty follows almost the actual gameplay pattern of the Nostalgia Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 along with some of the maps. However, there are some of the features similar to the PUBG such as dropping from the plane, with the safe zone shrinking as time passes.

Also, similar to the other COD platforms, there are six default classes from which you can choose. Each class has its weapons and perks. Moreover, you can also upgrade the classes as you progress in the game.

Call of Duty In-game Features

  • Physics:

The physics of weapons is very different in both sports. Unlike other Battle Royale games with unrealistic weapon mechanics, these two games are excellent in this particular aspect.

The weapons, firing accuracy, and the usage of the weapons are also much different in both of the games. If you compare the realistic aspect of the games, the COD is more realistic in all of the aspects.

Each of the weapons, such as short-range weapons and long-ranged weapons have their ranges in the COD. For instance, you won’t be able to use short-range weapons for long-range in COD. This is the feature which is rarely found in the PUBG.

However, there are some of the similarities in both games in terms of weapons such as scopes, extra mags, etc. for long ranges or matches.

  • Maps:

The PUBG is only a Battle Royale style game with the maps only featuring the respective gameplay. Although there are some different maps you will follow the same pattern in every game.

In contrast, the COD not only features the Battle Royale mode but also comes with some of its unique maps with some of them refreshing your memories of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4. Some of these maps include:

  • Crash
  • Crossfire
  • Firing Range
  • Hijacked
  • Killhouse
  • Nuketown
  • Raid
  • Standoff
  • Takeoff
  • Fast-paced Gameplay:

The gameplay style and speed of COD is much more realistic and faster than PUBG. In PUBG, you will only find action after some time of the drop. For instance, when the circle gets closer, etc. While in the COD, the gameplay is fully packed with intense action as soon as the match starts.

Call of Duty Fast Gameplay

Moreover, the weapons, vehicles, or helicopters of the COD are far better than the PUBG.

  • Overall Gameplay:

If you examine both games precisely, you will notice that PUBG is just a survival game with the same action being followed every time like dropping in the zone, collecting weapons, and running toward the safe zone. In contrast, the COD has a lot of more features, tactics, and relatively fast and paced gameplay. Moreover, some tactics and coordinated teamwork will also be needed.

In terms of weapons availability, you will get some heavy weapons or your favorite ones faster or more easily as compared to the PUBG. This will allow you to start the full-fledged action early and you will have some more time to enjoy the game with your favorite weapons.

Also, there are some characteristics of COD that make you feel busy all the time. The atmosphere is created in such a way that there will be immense action all the time, relatively this is something that is lacked in the PUBG. For instance, you will barely see the opponent for more than twenty minutes sometimes.

Final Verdict:

These were some of the major differences and comparison of both of the games and now you will have a better idea about which game is better and why you should choose the one.

Also, if you have already familiar with the Call of Duty platform, then there will be no hesitation or difficulty for you to shifting toward the platform.

Overall, PUBG was no doubt one of the best games, but we should move on especially when we have some better options available. Call of Duty comes with all of the PUBG features along with advancements, better gameplay, and graphics.

Even at the time when PUBG was not banned, the professional and experienced gamers that examined and experienced all of the major facts preferred Call of Duty Warzone.

So, according to my opinion, the banning of PUBG is not a big deal, and Call of Duty can easily replace it. If you haven’t tried the Call of Duty yet, I will recommend that you must try it once and experience the facts yourself.

You won’t regret the decision and even if you are a streamer or professional gamer, you can also stream the Call of Duty rather then the PUBG until it is banned. Hopefully, it will be much more fun and you will enjoy playing it.


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