What You Need to Know Before Traveling with Your Pet


After months cooped up at home during quarantine, you’re ready to hit the road and take a relaxing vacation. You need a reliable traveling companion, which means it’s time to bring your best (furry) friend along for the trip.

Traveling with your pet is delightful, but it does require some planning. Have you found pet-appropriate lodging? Do you know which carrier is best for a long flight? Did you remember to pack enough treats (ahem, woof)?


We’ve compiled some pet-approved traveling tips, so you’ll be ready to emBARK on your next adventure!

Research Pet-Friendly Lodging and Activities

No matter where your travels take you, you and your furry pal need to have comfortable accommodations. A little research goes a long way when looking for pet-friendly lodging. Check out hotels, pet-friendly rentals such as these apartments for rent in Bellaire, and bed and breakfasts to find the perfect place to stay on your getaway.

Don’t stop at lodging! Once you’re in planning-mode, make a list of activities you and your pet can experience together. Maybe you’d enjoy a trip to a cat cafe or a long day-hike. You want this to be a fun holiday for everyone involved.

Know What to Expect on Airplanes

If you’re traveling by air, you’ll want to ensure you’ve ticked all the boxes before you board. Airlines have specific guidelines about traveling with pets, so look online or call a representative to receive the information you need. Check flight times to avoid long waits at the airport so your process is as streamlined as possible.

A few things to consider when you’re flying with pets:

  • Bring an Appropriate Carrier Your pet can travel in comfort and style in a TSA-approved carrier. Mesh siding encourages airflow and allows your furry friend to peek out at their surroundings.
  • Pack Appropriate Food – Don’t go overboard packing food and treats. If your pet is prone to a queasy tummy, avoid feeding them a large meal before travel. Pack some treats for the trip, but remember you can stock up on food once you’ve reached your destination.
  • Be Sensitive to Other Passengers – Although you may love your pet like family, not everyone is thrilled to sit near an anxious animal. Respect your neighbors and don’t encroach on their personal space.
  • Use CBD Oil Dogs in particular whine and bark when distressed. Do some research before the flight to find the best CBD oil for your dog. Sometimes an extra dose of calm does the trick.

Plan Ahead for Outdoor Adventures

If you’re an outdoorsy traveler, bring the right gear for adventures with your pet. Take weather, terrain, and altitude into account when you’re packing.

Traveling with pet

A thorough packing list for camping includes:

  • A set of booties to protect paws on rocky terrain.
  • Travel water bottles for easy hydration on the trail.
  • A sleeping bag for chilly nights in the mountains.
  • A bandana for your dog (because we know you want your pooch to look stylish.)

Be bear-aware when camping with your pet and take the necessary precautions. Hang up your dog’s gear with yours at night (this includes dog waste!) to prevent curious bears from raiding your campsite.

Be Road Trip Ready

If you’re hittin’ the road and traveling down the winding highways, we have some ideas to keep you (and your pet) comfortable. To keep your pet secure, install a dog hammock in the backseat of your car. This allows your pup freedom of movement while still keeping them safely confined to the backseat.

Road trips are a fantastic way to explore local scenery without spending money on expensive plane tickets and rental cars. Make sure you take plenty of pit-stops and snap some photos along the way. For pets who have anxiety when driving, CBD oil alleviates nerves and calms motion-sick tummies in the car too.

Take Time to Exhale
Vacationing with your pet should be relaxing and fun. Sleep in, lounge around, and play endless games of “fetch.” You should both arrive home feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle anything. If you pack the essentials, (and yes, we do include treats in this category) and plan ahead, you’ll arrive home with nothing but wonderful memories.

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