Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition

Capcom today announced some new key details about the Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition including the PS5 and Xbox Pre-orders and pre-orders bonuses, Devil May Cry 5 Vergil DLC release date, and an update on Xbox Series S ray tracing.

Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition Pre-orders and Bonuses

Capcom has officially announced that the digital pre-orders for Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition are now live for both the next-gen platforms, PS5 and Xbox Series X, S.

As for the pre-order bonuses, Capcom has announced that anyone who purchases the game by November 18th, 2020 will get a free pack of 100,000 Red Orbs. Capcom says that these Orbs are really useful as they’ll help unlock moves, buy Devil Breakers, buy other Orbs and even bring you back from defeat in a pinch.

An Update on Ray tracing for Xbox Series X|S 

In the latest announcement, Capcom also announced an update on Ray tracing effects that will be applied for Xbox Series X|S. The dev confined that, Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition on the Xbox Series X|S will run at high frame rates of up to 120 fps. Players will also experience enhanced 3D audio, reduced loading times, and also the Legendary Dark Knight difficulty and Turbo Mode.

The Vergil DLC will also be playable on both the Xbox Series X and Series S. Players on Xbox Series X will also experience the game in 4k resolution and with Direct X Ray Tracing.

Kindly do note that the ray-tracing will be available as a downloadable title update on Xbox Series X. Sadly, Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition will not support ray tracing on Xbox Series S.


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