Must-Have Business Tech


Technology has improved business performance for years; the industrial revolution revolved around, making time-consuming processes take up a lot less time. First, machines helped to process raw materials instead of humans; then technology-enabled services to be provided more efficiently; after that, technology dramatically increased the ability of businesses that use information, by switching from pen and paper (or typewriter) to computers and Microsoft Office.

Besides increasing capabilities, that efficiency-improving ability of tech has produced a smorgasbord of solutions that can help any business, from a single-person enterprise to a global conglomerate.

Task Management Helpers

Have you ever been working, finished a task and then sort of… spaced out? When people finish something, often their mind seems to take a bit of time doing nothing before they feel motivated enough to start to work out what to do next.

Task management helpers won’t stop you from needing a break, but they will help you to concentrate on what you need to do, how long you have to do it and how you can keep track of your tasks & task reports. Task management helpers greatly improve productivity for both you and your employees, and there are many options for you to choose from.

Payroll Software

One of the reasons that people make HR hires is for payroll management. Dealing with banks and having to sort out problems relating to payrolls can be frustrating and can take up a lot of time. What’s more, if you’re not experienced at payroll management, you might make mistakes that can erode employee confidence and morale.

Payroll software helps to take away that pain, allowing you to set employee’s pay and then let the software do the rest. Nowadays, payroll software comes with many advanced features like direct deposits, contractor payments, tips reporting and general ledger reporting.

Social Media Scheduling

If you do social media marketing, you will likely know the importance of having stashes of high-quality content that your social media fans will find valuable, entertaining and shareable. Making the content is hard enough, but if you don’t post it at the right time, you might find disappointing engagement that makes you feel your content wasn’t worth all your time and effort.

Well, with social media scheduling, you can automatically schedule the timings of the posts that you make. You can have a content posting plan for weeks in advance, allowing you to spend less time posting and more time creating.

Contract Help

If you have international clients or you run your business remotely, contracts can be a bit of a nuisance. You might have to scan in documents, send them over email (less secure than is ideal) and get the signee to scan and send them back.

E-signature technology is a massive time-saver, allowing you to upload a document, mark the appropriate place for a signature and then add the right email address. E-signature tools will provide great cybersecurity so you can be at peace when you send over any sensitive information to be signed and returned.


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