Why Does your Organization Need to Invest in Network Monitoring?


Communication between internet devices is the very essence of the modern business and is the foundation of a successful organisation. Your Cisco enterprise network provides a complex communications system, connecting multiple computers and devices across rooms, buildings and geographical divides. Without a fully functioning Cisco network monitoring tool, your business is at the mercy of unexpected security breaches, incorrect configurations, overstretched bandwidths and poorly performing VoIP. 

How does a Cisco network monitoring tool improve my UCC environment? 

The frustration of slow internet response times can be quickly remediated with a network monitoring tool to observe the flow of traffic between Cisco routers, switches and firewalls. 

Your monitoring tool will allow access to the activity within the network without the need to resort to time consuming and haphazard manual troubleshooting methods. 

Doesn’t Cisco have its own built in monitoring tools?

Cisco does come with a basic monitoring tool that is fine for smaller networks. However for a network that consists of multiple users and numerous sites, a more complex network monitoring tool is recommended. To keep workflows uninterrupted, you will need a multi-faceted analysis tool that has been designed to serve Cisco networks and will cover physical distances and multiple devices.

What are the advantages of a third party network monitoring tool?

A monitoring system like Prognosis is ideal for UC performance management. It will not only monitor the network, but will also create alerts to allow for preventative maintenance, and troubleshoot to identify where issues stem from allowing for a speedy resolution.

Network monitoring provides real time alerts to IP errors, DNS configuration issues, network looping or other disruptions to the network, particularly in the case of the danger zone of changing or adding devices. 

Transparency across all devices is facilitated and security is also provided with alerts to failed login attempts. Visibility of data transfer pathways is easily available, allowing a rapid assessment of packet activity. 

High IT performance 

With a network monitoring tool, your Cisco users will barely register that an issue has occurred. For example, if you are having trouble with latency, the network monitoring tool will identify whether it is caused by internal or external factors, and a network optimisation solution can be put into place before performance is affected. 

Uninterrupted video conferencing and VoIP has become extremely important as Covid-19 has sent people to work from home, and limited travel and subsequently face to face opportunities.

Network disruptions during video conferencing, or difficulties communicating with clients in a contact centre can be devastating to business productivity and profits. Investing in a comprehensive network monitor will pre-empt any issues before they occur and allow interrupted network between routers and switches on a continuous basis. 

Your monitoring software will keep track of performance, analyse root cause of issues, predict when paths are likely to overload. All businesses rely on the smooth operation of their network, which is exactly what a powerful cisco network monitoring tool can deliver.


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