Samsung Reportedly Confirms Galaxy Z Fold 3 with S-Pen Support & Discontinuation of Galaxy Note Series


Samsung aims to improve over its Galaxy Z Fold 2 by unveiling the Galaxy Fold 3. On a sad note, the company will not end its services with Galaxy Note Series that has been operational since September 2011.

Rumors have it that the top-notch Galaxy Fold 3 may be unveiled in June next year. This is also according to a statement by a Samsung Group Official. The S-Pen support will also be available for the new Galaxy Fold 3 and the Galaxy S21 Ultra. With these two additions, the Galaxy Note Series will have no use thus the idea by Samsung to discontinue the service.

The report indicates that the mounting of the in-screen digitizer on the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is successful. This will help recognize the S-Pen. The Galaxy Z Fold 2 lacked this feature and that’s enough reason to show the quality of this new development to esteemed Samsung users. The S-Pen will help maximize the user experience.

Another significant development of this new foldable flagship is the use of under-screen camera technology. For this to, however, show up on Galaxy Z Fold 3, Samsung ought to successfully mass-produce it without increasing the costs. For positive results, Samsung also needs to ensure that the quality of the image isn’t dented when using this technology.

Though the report indicates the discontinuation of the very good Galaxy Note Series, readers shouldn’t interpret it literally. Nothing is concrete at the moment.


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