Gaming is a fascinating hobby. Only a gamer would understand how much joy and an unmatchable delight we experience through video games. However, if you have modern tools to play your favorite games, the enjoyment increases multi-folds.

There are two types of Gaming Gears that a pro gamer should have. First are the internal system gears that make your PC powerful and speedy. And others are the external ones to enhance your overall gaming experience.

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Internal (System) Gaming Gears:

Here are some of the necessary internal gears to run heavy graphics games:

Latest Graphics card:

You need the latest graphics card to run your favorite games swiftly and smoothly. This gaming gear will surely boost your PC performance in running games with larger frames per second (FPS). There are two major graphics card manufacturers, NVIDIA and AMD. The Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti and AMD Radeon RX 6800 are the respective latest models that are currently available.


RAM: at least 16 GB

16 GB RAM or higher with the most recently manufactured graphics card is a deadly combo for pro gaming. You should check out the minimum system requirements of the game you wish to play and then the model of your RAM. 16 GB RAM is enough for most of today’s generation games, but higher is always good. A higher RAM ensures fast loading speed of everything on your PC or laptop.

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Solid State Drive (SSD)

It is good to have your windows installed in your SSD drive for faster boot-up time. It will increase the overall performance and speed of your PC or Laptop. SSDs are way faster than the normal HDD drives. It is also more compact and lights weight from the HDD. You can buy SSDs from different manufacturers such as Samsung, Intel, WD, Crucial, Kingston, Sandisk, etc.

Solid State Drive (SSD)

External Gaming Gears:

Following are some of the external gadgets for pro players that surely deserve a look:

Gaming Headphones:

A pro player must have a pair of headphones. It helps you focus on your preferred game with better insight. There are modern headsets that bring peerless sound quality and are so light in weight; that you don’t even feel them worn.

Gaming Headphones

Modern Gaming Mouse & Mouse Pad

It is almost unimaginable to play first-person video games without having a mouse. But, to have an updated and modern version of it is an added advantage. It is a must tool to hit perfect headshots. Moreover, Modern-day gamers have the luxury of playing with various mouse types. While choosing a mouse for your games, you must opt for the new ones; with a better model and updated featured buttons, i.e., side buttons.

Modern Gaming Mouse & Mouse Pad

Besides, to have better control over your focus, it is empirical to have a pad under your mouse. A variety of mousepads are available. The ones with brighter colors are catchy and give a gaming look.

High-Resolution Display

Having a perfect resolution display is equally important as other accessories. There is a wide range of display monitors, a wide range of best display monitors. You may choose as per your budget. However, the more you increase your spending, the better quality you’ll get. XIAOMI curved gaming monitor, XIAOMI Redmi Office gaming monitor (FHD 1080p), and DYI Ambilight TV PC are some latest models.

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XIAOMI curved gaming monitor

Cooling Pad:

If you’re a laptop user, you should have this gaming gear. It enhances the performance of your gaming laptop with instant cooling fans. There are two types of cooling pads: one with a single fan and the other with multiple.

Cooling Pad


Controllers are other gaming gears you must have if you are a pro gamer. Xbox controllers, PC controllers, and PS3, PS4, PS5 controllers are its different variant. It feels a lot easier to play games like FIFA, Sreet Fighters, or any other fighting games via remote controllers.

Xbox and PC controllers are easy to install on a PC or a laptop; however, Playstation controllers take a little bit of time and certain tricks before you finally get to use these controllers.

DualSense Controller

Gaming Chair:

A comfortable chair that is modeled for long term sitting is an essential gear for pro gamers. These will enable the players to enjoy the gaming experience for a longer time. Industries manufacture these chairs keeping in view the long-lasting game playing hours.

Gaming Chair

Final Thought:

If you are a pro gamer, you need to have both; internal and external gaming gears to enjoy an effortless gaming experience. The first mentioned gadgets make your PC powerful and help it run seamlessly; whereas, the latter adds to the fascinating gaming pleasure. You should have a combination of both to enjoy playing your favorite games.

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