Eight Fashion Revolutions to Fuse Comfort with Style

"Dress shabbily, and they remember the dress; dress impeccably, and they notice the woman." —Coco Chanel

Fashion Revolutions

Fashion enthusiasts were disappointed when the Met Gala 2020 was postponed indefinitely due to the global pandemic. In India, the lockdown has been in effect throughout the country. Work from Home became the order of the day in most employment situations.

The fashion industry suffered the aftermath of covid-19 with the stagnation of production and the lack of shows and events. Fortunately, fashion evolves and revamps itself to the environment. Today, PJs and oversized T-shirts have revolutionized the fashion world.


The fashion world is often associated with extravaganza and luxury. Recent years of social and economic distress have altered that outlook on fashion. Today, clothing has become more affordable and comfortable.

Experimental styles work in recycling old clothes and reducing the culture of fast-fashion. Mother’s cotton silk sarees were re-fashioned into cocktail dresses, while old jackets were hand-painted with DIY techniques.

The history of fashion has always reflected the socio-economic status of the world. World War 2 introduced functional garments by eliminating the elaborate frills and crinolines.

Similarly, blends in fabric and athleisure trends have influenced the new decade of fashion. In India, both western accessories and traditional attires like the lehenga affect the clothing industry. Some of the styles in garments and accessories characterize the Nouveau fashion:

Blends in Fabric:

Silk is an expensive and heavy garment for the average Indian woman. Today, fabrics are blended to make them affordable and comfortable.

For instance, the cotton silk saree comfortably wraps the skin and retains the smooth texture of silk. The cotton silk saree is a blend of cotton and silk fabric that makes it pleasant and affordable.

The cotton in the garment is suitable for the blazing summer of the Indian weather. The cotton silk can also be re-styled to design a Kurti or lehenga.

The fall of the cotton silk saree is stiff and looks effortlessly elegant on anyone. The maintenance of the cotton silk material is more affordable than that of original silk.

2. Sneakers:

In India, casual sneakers have been in style during the last decade. It adds a sense of ease to any costume and gives a relaxing vibe. Fashion bloggers excessively don sneakers to relate with their followers.

A highly fashionable and comfortable choice, this casual footwear goes along with everything and anything. Bollywood celebrities have even paired sneakers with Cholis and Lehengas.

3. Baggy jeans: 

Vintage styles are trending today. The baggy jeans and the mom jeans cater to the quirky style of the modern e-girl. Not only are they chic, but they are also very breezy.

The high-waist skinny jeans are a definite no-no for the summer in India. The baggy jeans can be styled with any casual t-shirt or layered with scarfs and jackets.

4. Hoodies: 

The hoodie is a versatile garment that is suitable for the mild winters in India. To effortlessly look elegant, all one needs is an oversized hoodie styled with ill-fitting pants and a tiny backpack.

The global trend has a faithful fanbase in India for its comfortable style. Legends have it that a borrowed hoodie never makes its way back.

5. Palazzo pants:

The breezy palazzo pants have almost replaced the gathering pants and leggings. The palazzo is a versatile garment. A T-shirt, Kurti, or even a bralette can go with the palazzo pant. This style is said to have been popular in the ’60s, adapted from Pakistani culture.

6. Pajama:

Nothing can get more comfortable and snug as the pajama. Lockdown had everyone wearing pajamas. From Bollywood celebrities to Instagram friend, everybody posted pictures during the last year wearing pajamas.

This style is not popular among people. But fashion bloggers and enthusiasts have experimented with the pajama by styling it with heavy make-up and high heels. Hopefully, this trend will reach the commoner as it saves a lot of money and time.

7. Athleisure:

The term refers to a casual yet sporty style of clothing and other accessories. The fashion industry has been highly successful in promoting the line of Athleisure fashion. Body-positive movements and technological innovations in designing have made this style of the industry highly profitable.

Joggers and yoga leggings are worn in non-athletic settings as well. Athleisure clothing is comfortable and is a trending style among fashion bloggers across the globe.

8. T-shirt Dresses

Dresses have been around for decades but have not promised comfort over style. T-shirt dresses are loose-fitting and don’t define the silhouette of the body structure.

From fashion enthusiasts to the proles, every woman celebrates the T-shirt dress for its pockets. The dress gives a casual airport-style and is affordable.

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