Gold-Plated PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5, in recent months, has proved to be literally nowhere to be found. So, someone has decided to make its value tangible: YouTuber Simon “Miniminter” Minter, has spent more than $8,000, at the exchange rate of almost 9,500 euros, for a 24-karat gold-plated version of PlayStation 5, which is currently available at the Truly Exquisite company.

This PlayStation 5 model is accompanied by two DualSense controllers also gold-plated, and a 3D Pulse Headset also gold-plated. This version is limited to only 250 pieces and is shipped worldwide in “luxury transportation.”

The unboxing video made by Miniminter shows us how carefully the golden console is supplied: there is a significant amount of bubble wrap and the packaging has even been customized with the Miniminter logo.

The real impact, however, is the opening, when we can see the console covered in gold. Once the console has been released from its box, the YouTuber quickly realizes how difficult it will be to keep it clean of his fingerprints.

Gold plating also appears to add a significant amount of weight to the DualSense controllers – but we’re confident that comfort is the ultimate requirement of this expensive version of the console.

If a PlayStation is made of gold, however, is not to your taste, know that Truly Exquisite also sells 18-karat rose gold and platinum versions, at a slightly higher price. The consoles are available in both digital and disc format, with the latter model being sold for a higher price, of course.

Truly Exquisite, at the moment, still has numerous consoles in the catalog. So if you have not yet managed to get hold of a new PlayStation 5, paradoxically the best way to take the Sony console home is to buy one made entirely of gold: it costs a little, but it could be worth it.

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