Long before the businesses became online, we had the gaming community working their games and apps as a community over the powerful platform of Discord. They needed a place to communicate and discuss the game without hogging the space that slows down their gaming app. Hence, Discord is wildly popular among gamers.

As its popularity grew, Discord has established a permanent place among the apps connecting and allowing communication. Hence, Discord is now improving to accommodate the new-found user need and requirements without compromising the old, classic qualities.

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What is Discord?

Discord is a real-time chat platform that allows you to connect and reach out to people all over the globe. Mainly used by the gaming community to click for different games, Discord has a wide range of features that can be implemented for business and communication. It is skype for gamers with features that override skype manifold. You can communicate via private servers that connect you for text and voice chat while gaming to coordinate and strategize.

Discord works for both browser and app, although the app allows for a certain degree of customization and control. Available for both desktop and mobile platforms, the gaming community loves Discord for its versatile application. It has a chat lobby, message board, VoIP chatting system, and streaming service that makes it appealing to the streaming community.

While other conversation apps are known to hog storage space and slow the working, discord hog resources and work fine with or without the app. But if you are creating a server of your own, you will need a discord app on your device.

How to use Discord?

It’s pretty easy to guide through; it works with the bare minimum and is available for free. You can access Discord by using a browser or downloading a free app available for Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows. It’s platform-agnostic that runs well across Xbox, and with some changes, on PlayStation. Integrating your gaming account with Discord allows you to stream or converse and exchange strategies and ensure that you are on the same page as your team while pulling gameplay.

Once you create an account, you join the server by searching for one, accepting an invite, or starting your own. A server has channels that you can access to communicate via texts or voice. You can also share your computer screen or video call with your peers.

Where to use Discord?

  1. Business:

Yours might be a startup or a well-established company; you need to communicate with different groups or teams to keep the work going. You must have a safe, well-distinguished communication line to avoid mixing up the messages and conversations. You can have a separate channel for management, one for the production department, and a separate one for the sales team.

Company-wide announcements can be made on one particular channel. A single user can join up to 100 servers, and servers have different channels in them. While emails are irreplaceable, you can reach out through Discord better than through emails for quick, office conversation.

  1. Marketing your business: you can also sell your business with like-minded people that are using Discord. Once you have a server setup, you can create channels to host social discussions among like-minded people with ideas to share and build a community. You can soon influence debate for targeted audiences and products to market and sell. As a moderator, you can also guide the community and keep it safe for relevant topics and bonding.
  2. Distance communications:

You can use Discord to communicate with your friends and family by setting up a channel within a server to help host an array of conversations and discussions. You can send an invite to your friends and family to join the group or communicate with one on one. Discord provides you with a public or private server, either of which you can choose to connect over. Discord allows a level of customization and privacy that ensures safety and security. Distance communications with friends and family are protected and private, and easy to use.

  1. Meetings: Discord supports audio and video calls over channels that have a more straightforward protocol to connect over. You can make sure your channel invite is available to the users you want to join. Servers with channels for a specific use allow you to host a meeting with up to 50 people and exchange messages, screen share without hogging resources that may stop other apps.
  2. Online games:

Online gamers appreciate Discord for its seamless connectivity, allowing them to play games without the connectivity spoiling their gaming experience. You will see the worldwide network of gamers community connected over Discord to exchange strategies and gameplays.

  1. Streaming: online gamers, influencers, and youtube streams use Discord for streaming with live webcams and screen sharing. Streamers enjoy the voice chat channels that allow them to communicate with their viewers off-stream and organize multiplayer voice chats. You can Live stream on Discord, broadcasting your voice, webcam, and computer screens to anyone interested.
  2. Music: you have several discord bots available, among which is a music bot that enables you to join a group of friends and play music of your choice. The same will be reflected in the people on the channel who will be vibing with you.
  3. For the classroom: as the pandemic hit, we realized the importance of inline meet spaces, and Discord is one of them. You can create your server to serve as your classroom and allow your students to join via invite. No one outside the invite and server can access the class and hence allows zero disturbances. You can conduct classes over voice networks, share your screen to make your point, text channels for queries and doubt discussion, homework, and study groups for a dedicated classroom environment.


Easy-to-use, setup, and start connecting, Discord has become a must-have for purposes as mentioned. You must try out the new features and critical elements in this application that will definitely put it up on your preferred list of apps. So what are you waiting for? Connect and communicate!

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