Feather Falling

When you fell down in the Minecraft game the thing that protects you from the damage or reduces the overall damage amount is called Feather Falling. In Minecraft, Feather Falling is known as one of the useful enhancements for boots that help reduce the fall damage in Minecraft. However, you shouldn’t expect that a Feather Falling enhancement will protect you from any fall damage. A maximum level of Feather Falling enchantment on boots can help reduce the fall damage on its max level.

What is a Feather Falling in Minecraft

Feather Falling enchantment reduces the amount of damage that a player takes from falls.

Usage or What Feather Falling Does

As we told above, a Feather Falling enchantment reduces the amount of damage that a player takes from falls. A player gets up to a 12% reduction in fall damage on each level of Feather Falling enchantment. That means a player gets a total of 48% of fall damage reduction at level 4, which can further increase with Protection on armors to a maximum of 80% since the latter also reduces fall damage.

If you have Feather Falling level 1 then you can easily survive falling from a 26 level of height with full XP. And if you have a Feather Falling IV then you can survive falling from a 41 level of height max with full XP.

Obtaining a Feather Falling

Since a Feather Falling is not a treasure enchantment, the only way you can obtain it by through enchantment table, loot chests, trading or by fishing if you are in luck. It is also one of the hardest enhancements in Minecraft to obtain from an enchantment table. There is only a 2.7% chance for Feather Falling IV to appear on a pair of diamond boots when enchantments that require 30 levels are applied.

Feather Falling IV can also be obtained by combining two Feather Falling III enchantments on an Anvil, or trading with villagers.

Check out the test video below of Feather Falling IV to see what’s max block height we can survive a fall from.

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