Bethesda’s has just launched its latest video game, Deathloop, on PC and PlayStation 5. Just like any other PC game, it appears that the Death loop is also suffering an error that’s even not giving players a chance to go to the main menu screen of the game. The error players are getting is appearing as ‘DEATHLOOP Using VoidEngine 1.708.0.34‘ the main error message reads as ‘Error 0xC000001D (Illegal Instruction)  occurred in thread ‘DEATHLOOP’ at instruction location 0x00007FF73857E2E1.’

The full screenshot of the error can be seen here. Now, if you are also getting the same error on your PC then read on to this post below to learn how to fix DEATHLOOP Error 0xC000001D (Illegal Instruction) on your PC. Below, we have given a step-by-step guide on how you can fix Error 0xC000001D (Illegal Instruction).

What Triggers the DEATHLOOP Error 0xC000001D (Illegal Instruction) on PC?

There is no specific answer to this question as what we have found is that there could be several factors that could trigger the DEATHLOOP Error 0xC000001D (Illegal Instruction) on PC. However, the error appears to be a runtime error which we have previously found with many PC games. This also appears to be a region-based error according to the video by Ditech Gaming.

How to Fix DEATHLOOP Using VoidEngine Error 0xC000001D (Illegal Instruction) On PC?

Solution 1) Restart and Update Steam

The first thing you can try to fix the above-mentioned Deathloop error 0xC000001D by restart the Steam app on your PC and wait until the update completes. After the Steam update completes, launch the game and see if its fixes the error.

Solution 2 – Verify Integrity of Game Files

To fix the error code, you can also try to verify the integrity of game files that could fix the above error. To check or verify game files follow the steps below.

Verify Files

  • Right-click on the Deathloop game in the menu and click Properties >> Local Files and click on the verify the integrity of game files.
  • Now, the system will check for any corrupted game file that might be causing such an error and will fix it for you.

Solution 3 – Update Nvidia and AMD GPU Driver

The third solution that might fix the Deathloop Error 0xC000001D (Illegal Instruction) is updating your GPU driver. If you are using an Nvidia or AMD GPU then:


Download the latest NVIDIA drivers here.
  • Recommended driver version: 471.96 (or newer)
  • Minimum supported driver version: 461.40

AMD Users

Download the latest AMD drivers here.

    • Recommended driver version: 21.9.1

Doing this will update your GPU driver to the latest version and might help in fixing the Error 0xC000001D code from your PC.

Solution 4 – Move/Reinstall the game to C drive

The fourth option you can try to fix the error is by moving or reinstalling the game file to C drive on your PC if it isn’t already there. Now, to move the game file follow the steps below:

  • Right-click on the Deathloop game in the menu and click Properties >> Local Files and click on the Move Installed Folder
  • Now, from the dropdown menu, select the C drive and click Move.

Move Files

Note: if the game file is already in the C drive then you don’t need to move it again. Instead, you can try to reinstall the game in the C drive again that could fix the Error 0xC000001D code.

Solution 5 – Close All the Overclocking and Background Apps Running on Your PC

If you have any running Overclocking Apps such as MSI Afterburner and Rivatuner, OBS Studio, or any other background apps, try to close them all and perform a clean boot. To turn off the background app follow the steps below.

  • Click on the Windows button on your desktop and go to Settings
  • Now Type in the Search bar Background Apps, this will the list of all the apps running in the background

Background apps

  • Now, simply turn the Background Apps button off.

Solution 6 – Install All in One Runtimes aka AIO Runtime (Important)

AIO runtime is an application for Windows PC which packs all the necessary files which are required to run any app, programs, software’s and games properly on your PC.

AIO also fixes most common gaming issues and errors such as the Game has Stop Working, any .DLL errors, 0xc000007b error, or any other runtime errors that you may get while starting or playing the game. You can download the latest version of the AIO Runtime here.

Solution 7 – Optimizing Games with Nvidia and AMD Application

To get better performance while gaming on your PC you can also use Nvidia GeForce Experience and AMD Gaming Evolved applications. This allows you to manage your graphics card drivers and also lets you optimize the game settings for better gaming as per your specs.

Solution 8 – Optimizing or Overclocking Graphic Card Frame Rate

Optimizing your graphics card frame rate is another way you can use to increase performance on your PC and can fix Deathloop Error 0xC000001D (Illegal Instruction). Several third-party applications allow for the tweaking of graphics card settings and overclocking for performance boosts.

These include MSI Afterburner EGA Precision X and Gigabyte OC Guru. These Applications allow you to overclock any GPU, In addition, there are utility programs such as GPU-Z which provides detailed hardware specifications and settings of your graphics card, and Fraps which is a graphics utility that provides frame rate information.

Solution 9 – Closing All the Unnecessary Startup Programs and Processes

We always have a long list of unnecessary programs and processes running in the background on our PC which we don’t really care about but they actually cause in your PC performance while gaming. So clearing out such programs and processes before starting the game is always a good idea.

To do that simply open up the Task Manager by pressing the Alt+Ctrl+Del key on your keyboard or just right-click on the Taskbar and then choose Task manager now on the Task Manager look and find programs and processes which are running unnecessarily in the background.

Solution 10 – Upgrade Your PC Hardware

If money is not a big issue for you then you shouldn’t hesitate to spend a few extra bucks for upgrading your PC hardware. If you can upgrade your PC hardware then you can achieve the highest level of gaming performance available today on your PC and can also get rid off of errors such as Deathloop Error 0xC000001D (Illegal Instruction).

You can upgrade any hardware on your old PC including, your CPU, Motherboard, RAM, Graphics Card and Hard Drives, etc. But to get a decent amount of power on your PC you can start upgrading your PC starting from your Hard Drive, Graphic Card, and RAM.

  • Upgrading your hard drive to a Solid State Drive (SSD)

A Solid State Drive (SSD) is great when it comes to gaming compared to the normal hard drives (HDD), which provides an immediate boost in startup and load time for games installed on the SSD’s.

  • Upgrading your Graphics Card

Upgrading your graphics card can provide high FPS rates while gaming on full HD 1920x1080p resolution on your PC and also provides a smooth gaming experience. It can also fix error codes such as Deathloop Error 0xC000001D (Illegal Instruction) etc.

If you have a motherboard with multiple PC-Express slots then you can add multiple graphics cards using either Nvidia SLI or AMD Crossfire. Adding a second or even third graphics card will boost and take your PC’s graphic performance to the next level.

  • Upgrading your RAM

Upgrading your RAM provides extra power and fast speed to your PC while running or opening any app, software, and game. Most of today’s high-end games come with a minimum of 4 to 6GB or even 8 to 16GB of RAM requirements so, if you want to run your game without any lag or stuttering during your gameplay then you should definitely upgrade your RAM to a minimum of 8GB or 16GB.

That’s it, I hope this post will help you fix the DEATHLOOP 0xC000001D (Illegal Instruction) VoidEngine error on PC. Let me know what do you thinkk about it in the comments below.

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