Lost Ark Glaivier Class Guide, Skills, Engravings and More


This Lost Ark Glaivier Class Guide covers the class’s overview, skills, and engravings and more. This class guide will help you get the most out of your Glaivier, as well as equipping the right stances and skills to maximize your performance.

This class features many skills that revolve around movement and multiple hits. The Half Moon Slash, for instance, involves moving forward with a spear and ending with an overhead slice. The Glaivier also has a few defensive moves such as Dragonscale Defense. This stance negates damage and creates openings for counterattacks.


Glaivier Class Overview

The Lost Ark Glaivier is one of the few new classes to be introduced since the launch of the western version of the game. This class focuses on using two weapons, the lance and the spear. It is possible to build both of them, but a more balanced build will be more effective. As for the stances and engravings, you’ll have to experiment with both to see which one suits you best.

This female Martial Artist is able to use a lance to attack enemies. Her advanced Martial Artist class is the Glaivier, which has a variety of skills and an asymmetrical playstyle. Throughout the game, you will have access to 22 skills, including the Focus ability. Using this unique skill set will allow you to use your lance effectively against your enemies and increase your DPS.

Glaivier Class Skills

The skills of the Glaivier class in Lost Ark have become more powerful since the game introduced the new character class experience. The two main awakening skills are the blue and red. The blue skill takes a moment to charge, while the red one is an instacast. Both skills deal decent damage and are frequently used to take down enemy players in PVP. The glaivier’s base damage is good, so they are a good choice for both PvE and PvP.

Glaivier uses the spear and glaive, switching between flurry and focus stances to deal more damage in bursts. This class builds around both stances, saving Raging Dragon Slash and Red Dragon’s Horn for guaranteed hits. In both stances, Glaivier can use his spear to launch airborne foes into the air.


  • Double Strike – Strike with your spear 2 times, inflicting damage.
  • Windsplitter – Strike with your spear in multiple directions, inflicting damage and pulling foes close.
  • Stampeding Slash – Madly brandish your spear while moving forward, inflicting damage 3 times, followed by a finishing blow that inflicts damage. Airborne foes are launched in the air again when hit.
  • Wheel of Blades – Spin sideways, inflicting damage 3 times, followed by a finishing blow that inflicts damage. Airborne foes hit by the spinning attack are launched in the air again, and then get slammed to the ground with the last blow.
  • Flash Kick – Use your spear as a lever to advance forward, inflicting damage 3 times, followed by a strong kick that inflicts damage.
  • Vault Stick – your spear in the ground and do a somersault, inflicting damage and launching foes into the air.
  • Blue Dragon’s Claw – Move forward, inflicting damage, then spin your spear to inflict damage 6 times and retreat. Airborne foes are launched in the air again when hit.
  • Half Moon Slash – Drag your spear across the ground while moving forward, inflicting damage 2 times, followed by a diagonal upward slash that inflicts damage. Hit foes are launched in the air.
  • Chain Slash – Strike upward with your spear to inflict damage and launch foes into the air then slash with your spear while advancing forward, inflicting damage. Afterwards, slash 2 times in the opposite direction, inflicting damage. Airborne foes are launched in the air again when hit.
  • Cutting Wind – Move forward past foes to inflict damage 3 times and return to your position, inflicting damage.
  • Soul Cutter – Slide forward and swing your spear to inflict damage before immediately going back and crouching down. Use the skill again to charge forward and inflict damage 2 times, then quickly swing your spear to the left and right for one final strike that inflicts damage. Airborne foes are launched in the air again when hit.
  • Raging Dragon Slash – Enlarge your spear and spin 360 degrees to inflict damage, knocking foes back.
  • Spear Dive – Jump up and thrust your spear forward and inflict damage to nearby foes before performing a rotating kick attack that inflicts damage 4 times. Use the skill again to land at the target location, swing your spear, and inflict damage.
  • Shackling Blue Dragon – Spin your spear where you stand and strike down with force, creating a shockwave that inflicts damage. Foes hit by this skill will see a decrease in Crit Resistance.


  • Spiraling Spear – Lower your stance and thrust your spear, inflicting damage.
  • 4-Headed Dragon – Thrust your spear 8 times in front of you, inflicting damage, followed by a finishing thrust that inflicts even more damage.
  • Thrust of Destruction – Gather energy onto your spear, inflicting damage to foes at close range, then thrust forward, releasing a beam of energy that inflicts damage while knocking foes back.
  • Starfall Pounce – Jump within range of the target location and create a shockwave as you land, inflicting damage and launching foes into the air. You can change direction before you land.
  • Dragonscale Defense – Block attacks from the front with your spear, negating damage in proportion to your Max HP. If you successfully block an attack within 1.1s, thrust your spear forward for damage 2 times.
  • Red Dragon’s Horn – Hold the skill hotkey to focus your mind and gather energy, then aim and thrust your spear toward a foe within a 12 meter radius at a 90 degree angle, inflicting damage. Hit the perfect Zone to extend the attack range up to 16 meters, inflicting damage and knocking foes back.


Yeon-Style Spear Technique: Spear Meteor

  • Perform an attack at the target location. Leap backward while facing forward, focus energy onto your spear, and throw it at the target area. The spear strikes the ground to inflict damage, then causes an explosion that inflicts damage, knocking foes back with the last hit.

Yeon-Style Spear Technique: Storming Red Dragon

  • Focus your mind and thrust your spear in front of you to inflict damage, then pull it back, inflicting damage and pulling foes closer. Afterwards, swing your spear and inflict damage 5 times, followed by a series of thrusts that inflict damage 8 times. Move past foes and deliver a finishing blow, inflicting damage and knocking foes back.

Glaivier Engravings

There are many ways to improve your Glaivier class’s performance in Lost Ark. Engravings are different from skills and abilities, and you have the option to use more than one of them to maximize your character’s potential. You can choose from Primary, Secondary, or Advanced engravings to customize your character to suit your playstyle.

The Glaivier will have two class-specific Engravings, each based around a different playstyle listed below.


The Pinnacle Engraving replaces the Dual Meter Stage 3 effect, granting increasingly powerful bonuses as you progress through the three levels of Engravings.


Not a fan of stance swapping, but still want to play the Glaivier? This is the Engraving for you. Control disables the Focus stance, but increases the damage of Flurry skills by 18% at level 1, 27% at level 2, and 36% at level 3. While you’ll have access to fewer skills, and no swapping for bonuses, this damage increase will help you pack a punch.

The Primary engraving builds three levels of your Identity Gauge, and you can swap between stances to gain a large damage buff. This playstyle requires more dedication and skill than the Glaivier Control Class Engravings class.

The glaive-wielding martial artist, Glaivier, will arrive in Arkesia later this week with the Martial Artist Advanced Class.

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