Insurgency Sandstorm Operation Glasshouse: Release Date, New Map, Weapons, Skins and More

Operation Glasshouse

Insurgency: Sandstorm is getting a new free update, Operation Glasshouse, which is apparently set in a prison. The developer has already set up a dedicated website for the update, which will include new map prison, weapons, skins, DLC and more. There is no official release date yet, but expect it to hit sometime soon.

When Will Operation Glasshouse Update Release? (Release Date)

Operation Glasshouse will be available in the game with the upcoming Insurgency Sandstorm update version 1.12. Insurgency Sandstorm Operation Glasshouse release date hasn’t been announced yet.


What’s Included in the Insurgency Sandstorm Operation Glasshouse Update?

The official Operation: Glasshouse website has so far revealed the following new contents which will be available in the game:

New Map

  • Prison

New Weapons

  • KSG
  • KS-23

New Free DLC

  • Detainer
  • Captive

Paid DLC

  • S.O.R.T.

New Skin


New Melee Skins


Insurgency: Sandstorm includes three core game modes: Checkpoint Security, Player vs. Environment, and Checkpoint Insurgents. Each mode focuses on a different type of enemy, and varying strategies are required to win. There are many ways to advance in the game, and each of them has their pros and cons. The new update will also bring the game’s sandstorm map to PS4 and PC.

The game’s gameplay is both intense and immersive, and rewards both skill and teamwork. Teamwork, mistakes, and bullets are all important aspects of this tactical shooter. Insurgency: Sandstorm has improved graphics and a more realistic sound design.

Players can sneak around corners, breach doors, and call for air support. The game also features 8-player co-op against AI. Insurgency: Sandstorm includes new maps, weaponry, and cosmetic sets.

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