There are many ways to make money quickly in Dinkum, and not all of them are equally beneficial and worth your time. Fortunately, the How to Get Rich in Dinkum guide can help you make more money, faster. For example, you can sell fish for $ 1000 each and make up to $ 20,000 in a day. You can also sell fish insects and beehives. Whether you are fishing for fish or looking to sell gems, you can make money fast by doing these tasks.

The following guide will cover the most lucrative methods to earn money in Dinkum fast. However, you should keep in mind that the more money you make, the faster your game will become. For example, if you have a Metal Detector, you can sell it for 6000-7000 Dinks. You can use the same tool to dig up scraps and sell the food and harvested crops.

Below we have lined down 8 quick ways which you can use to make money and get rich fast in the Dinkum role-playing game.

1- Sell Large Gems

The most obvious way to become rich in Dinkum is to sell large gems like Rubies which you can find in the Mines. These are the most lucrative items to sell at the trader. You can also sell items from your inventory to earn money. The best way to make money in Dinkum is to sell big gems, but they are hard to find early on. If you’re having trouble finding the big gems you need, you can try to complete tasks on the Bulletin Board. These tasks will reward you with a large number of drinks.

Buildings cost energy, which means that they will cost you money to build. You can restore Energy by eating food. However, be aware that if you have low Energy, your actions slow down and your screen turns grey. Additionally, your day is over once you’ve reached a low Energy level. Shopkeepers will also open and close at different times, though Fletch is the exception to this rule.

2- Sell Fish, Insects, and Beehives

If you want to get rich in Dinkum, selling fish insects and beehives will do the trick. The game is filled with a variety of minerals, fish, and insects. The key to making money is to sell them for cash, and there are other ways to make money, too. In addition to selling the minerals, players can breed animals and cultivate crops.

In order to make money in Dinkum, you must choose the best spot for growing different crops, including crops, fish, and beehives. In Dinkum, there are four different seasons, with varying temperatures, which will determine which crops you will harvest.

These items promote for higher prices, and you can sell them to earn more cash. Beehives and wood are great early-game ways to make money in Dinkum, but they’re labor intensive. In addition, you can sell Rubies to get even more Dinks.

3- Sell Goods and Items

Once you’ve built a small town, you can sell it to traders to make money. Depending on the type of currency you choose to use, you can sell items to make money. Selling items can range from handmade goods to fish. Other viable sources of Dinks include seashells. There are many ways to get rich in Dinkum. However, you must understand that this method of earning money in Dinkum can be difficult unless you’re prepared beforehand.

4- Sell Gems

There are many ways to make money in Dinkum, including selling gems. These items can be sold for a large sum of in-game money. Various bulletin board tasks can also earn you large amounts of dinks. These can be completed for an in-game currency known as Permit Points. Besides gems, you can also sell items from your Inventory. Some of the best selling items include amber, honeycomb, and large gems.

While there are numerous ways to make money in Dinkum, you may be wondering how to sell your gems to get rich in the game. One way to make money in Dinkum is to sell monetarily cut gems to buyers. These items are cheaper than normal gems that you would otherwise have to buy from consumers. However, before you start selling these gems, you should first make sure that you have the necessary skills to make money.

5- Collect Seashells

There are many ways to get rich in Dinkum, and one of them is collecting seashells. In the game, you can sell the items you find to John, the owner of the store. When selling items to John, try to sell crafted items rather than raw materials. Bugs and seashells are both valuable items to sell at John’s store. When collecting and selling items, try to focus on building the store, as this will make it easier to sell the items you collect.


During the early game, one of the easiest ways to collect Dinks is by collecting seashells. Although the seashells don’t fetch much, you can make a decent amount of Dinks by catching bugs and other creatures. Once you’ve caught enough of these creatures, sell the meat to John for a decent amount of Dinks. You’ll need to work quickly to earn the money you need.

6- Hunting Animals

Last but not the least, you can also hunt or capture animals and birds in the game using once you get the trapping licence. You can use, the trapping licence to build an Animal Trap. After you have captures enough animals and birds, you can simply put them into a cage and leave the cage at the Animal Collection Point to earn some money.

7- Deep Mining

When it comes to making money in Dinkum, one of the best ways is to deep mine. You can use the mine to mine iron ore, which is more common in the Deep Mines. However, it’s not free! In addition to iron ore, mining for gemstones and fossils can also lead to a large investment, so it’s best to do this early on in the game.

8- Selling Crafted Items

In Dinkum, you can earn cash in a variety of ways, but one of the most effective is by selling crafted items. If you can sell a crafted item for a significant profit, you can sell it for a lot more cash than the bottom-tier object. In addition, you can sell items like Cooked Food and Wood for cash, which will help you in the early game. Later on, you can sell items like crafted goods to earn even more cash.

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