Lost Ark: All Lastra Forest Mokoko Seeds Locations


You can find all Lastra Forest Mokoko Seeds in this game. In fact, this area of the Lost Ark features 7 different Mukoko Seed locations. The first two are visible and can be found by following the clues that are provided in the quest. The seventh and final Mukoko seed is hidden behind a statue. The best way to locate these seeds is to check the map to find them.

All Lastra Forest Mokoko Seeds Locations in Lost Ark

The Lastra Forest region of the game is filled with Mokoko seeds. The first two are found near a tower, while the third is located next to a group of tombstones. The fourth one is located in an open area and is the most difficult to find. The fifth seed is next to a red chest. You will need to search through a large number of chests to find it.


The last Mukoko seed is found near the tower where you can see the light beam. It is located below a large stone wall. Once you have found the first seed, you can continue your quest to find the next one. The last two Mukoko seeds are in the open area, near the red chest. The final Mukoko seed can be found in a large tree in a large region.

Lastra Forest Mokoko Seeds Locations
Lastra Forest Mokoko Seeds Locations

You can find Mokoko Seeds in the Lastra Forest region. You can collect them by killing enemies. The first seed can be found near the tower and the second one is near tombstones. The third one is found after you take a u-turn and head towards the open area. The fourth is in a tree, and the fifth is in the area opposite the red chest.

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The Lastra Forest contains 127 Mokoko seeds. You can find 125 of them by completing the story quest. The rest of the seeds must be obtained by studying the Forest Minuet. You can collect a total of 127 mokoko seeds in East Luterra. You can also collect them in the first and last parts of the dungeon. The first location requires that you must gather 4 mokoko in the dark zone.

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You can find all of the Lastra Forest Mokoko Seeds in Sunbright Hill. It has the first seven in the first part of the dungeon, while the last three in the second part must be collected by winding back to the right. If you’re lucky enough, you can even get all of the mokoko seeds in the first half of the dungeon if you’re prepared for the time it takes to look for them.

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