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What’s your idea of a perfect home in the modern tech-driven world? Besides a great location, more consumers are looking into home automation today. Platforms like Hauzisha.co.ke offers access to an extensive pool of properties for sale. As you go through the listings, you’ll discover that besides the property types, modern houses feature a level of automation that’s also a part of the asking price. But why is the home automation trend becoming a standard, and why should you invest in it? Here are some home automation benefits that make it a worthy course.


Can you remember when deadbolts were the primary security measure in homes? The break-ins were high, primarily as crafty folks employed tricks such as observing where you hide your key as you leave.

We evolved to more advanced locks, then security cameras, biometric locks, door cams, drones, and monitored CCTV surveillance in the modern arena. Investing in such advancement kicks your home security a notch higher.

The biometric locks, for example, mean that you, alone or authorized individuals, using your eye scan or fingerprint, can easily access the house. Monitored and silent alarms further improve the security measures since the burglars can easily be caught in the action. No noise triggers their panic and escape; someone is always watching over your home, making it easier to catch them.

It gets better with deterrents such as motion-triggered lighting or timed lights that create the illusion of your presence even when you are not home. Everyone wants to feel safe in their homes. With such security levels, you can rest easy knowing your valuables are safe even when you leave.


How often do you worry that you let the cooking stove on? Safety can be challenging when raising a family or living with other members. Automation takes most of such worries away. Tech advancements do a lot more than the old smoke detectors could do.

The networked feature, for instance, means you can access the appliances remotely and ensure they are off. The sensors can also trigger an alarm, alerting the relevant parties like the fire department of a potential safety issue. You gain more control of your home and appliances, and with advancements such as triggering alarms, speed up the reaction time and keep your home and its occupants safer.


Have you had to call your neighbor, tell them where you hid the key so they can access your home, and turn off the air conditioner? Keeping your home comfortable means expenses like energy and water bills.

The lighting, air conditioning, and powering the electronics, to name a few areas, can cost you a fortune. That’s among the reasons homeowners invest in solutions like energy-efficient appliances and routine AC and plumbing system maintenance.

Home automation helps you to kick such cost-effectiveness to the next level. The connected devices mean you enjoy central control, even remotely. You forgot to turn off the AC; no problem, you can access it using your phone. Want to avoid skyrocketing energy bills; hacks like motion detectors allow you to keep lights on or off only when in use.

The control helps you find more ways to optimize your appliances use to save on utility bills, a recurrent cost of running your home. This way, you’ll save more bucks, a benefit that continues to propel home automation’s popularity.


Keeping up with the modern, fast-paced world can be overwhelming. Home automation can give you a break in some areas, saving time and making it easier to keep up. For example, you don’t have to worry about your kids staying out of the house when you are not home.

The automation can allow you to remotely open the doors, let them in, and monitor them to ensure they are safe by controlling aspects like the appliances. Such small things can save you considerable time and from the stress that could affect how you manage your schedule, making home automation more beneficial.

Home automation is no longer a fun addition, such as aspects that lets you turn on the radio. The advancements continue to revolutionize how we manage homes and are invaluable additions. What seemed futuristic a few years back, only seen in movies, is quickly becoming a reality, with more people realizing the many benefits delivered by automation measures.

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