Message Blocking is Active

Nowadays, a frustrating error (Unable to Send Message – Message Blocking Is Active On) is arising for several users on Android and iOS devices. Users cannot deliver their text messages and keep receiving this error. Simply said, you are restricted from sending particular messages. There may be a number of factors blocking your phone or network from sending your messages.

This error can’t be borne for a long time, as we all know how much it’s important to communicate with others. It’s better to dive into the solution and fix it.

It may be more frustrating when you are going to send urgent messages and you are unable to deliver messages for whatever reason.

Here are a few tips on how to fix the Message Blocking is Active error on your phone just by following a few easy steps. Before heading to the solution, you should have a quick view of the causes that why we face this issue. 

Why do we face message blocking is active error?

Here are a few explanations for why you might be having this problem. You’ll be able to resolve this problem and stop it from happening again by doing so. 

  • Blocklist: There is a maximum chance that the number you are trying to send messages to is in your block list. That’s why you keep seeing “Message blocking is active” errors whenever you attempt to send an SMS. 
  • Service disruption: This error may happen as a result of poor network coverage or a break in maintenance for some updates. There would be issues related to the bundle you have purchased for messages. It indicates that your message bundle does not now support text messaging.
  • Premium plan: It could be a problem with your bundle or how you set up the settings. This problem prevents you from sending messages if premium messages are disabled.

How to Fix the Message Blocking is Active on phone

Here are some simple solutions to this problem. Follow these instructions, and you won’t experience this problem again.

Remove blocked contacts (Android and iPhone)

Check your blocklist first to determine whether you’ve imported any contacts that are the source of this issue. Removing them from there might help you solve this issue. 

To remove block contact in Android, follow these steps.

  • First, open contacts or the dialer and select settings from the menu.
  • Second, tap on the blocked contacts option to view contacts that are blocked. Edit and remove them from the list to solve this issue. 

Follow these steps to remove contacts from the iPhone blocklist. 

  • First, open settings and search for “blocking” and open the message blocking panel. 
  • Second, tap “edit” on the right corner of the screen and remove the contact from the block list. 

Turn on premium access.

Step 1: Open settings in your smartphone and find apps. Select all apps to preview all the apps installed on your device.

Step 2: Tap on the three dots in the right corner to preview further options. 

Step 3: Select “special access,” then tap on “SMS premium access.”

Step 4: Select the “message” and then tap “ask”. Every time a premium text SMS is ready to be delivered, it will prompt an inquiry. 

Contact the service provider.

This is the most effective way to solve this issue. Whether the problem is with your network or device. A service provider will allay all of your concerns and provide complete instructions on how to resolve this problem. 

The conclusions 

Several solutions to “message blocking is active” are demonstrated here. You can send your messages to your contacts by the following methods. The issue can be with your network or device. Try the approaches I’ve listed below to resolve both problems.

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