A new rumor has surfaced regarding the upcoming arrival of the Teen Titans Starfire in Fortnite. It claims that the character is due to join the battle royale game on September 2. Although Epic Games has not officially confirmed the addition of Starfire to the game, the data mining community is sure to try to verify the rumor. It is not yet clear if this will also be the case for the character’s co-star, Robin.

As you might be aware, the Teen Titans have a long history of appearing in video games, and now Epic Games has partnered with DC comics to add more characters to the game.

The company has already added many well-known comic book characters to the game, including heroes like The Flash and villains like Poison Ivy.

Fans of the Teen Titans may be happy to see Starfire join the fray in the game. In fact, fans of both characters may be able to find an outfit in the game that is inspired by the Teen Titans. However, the crossover might be more than a simple tie-in: Fortnite also allows businesses to advertise with the characters.

The game has been a huge hit, and has already spawned several crossovers with popular cartoon shows and movies. In addition to Marvel, DC has also made its way into Fortnite, so the next crossover will feature Starfire from the Teen Titans. While this news is still unconfirmed, the announcement comes just in time for a new season of Fortnite.

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