Live streaming is one of the most demanded things nowadays. You can use it for business, entertainment, or to spend your leisure time while staying in contact with your audience. But you are not always online, and to meet your viewers the same welcoming as if you were there, you may need cool twitch backgrounds. How to make one banner or a set for various events? Of course, with the VistaCreate editor!

Why do you need a customized banner for your twitch channel?

Let’s start from the reverse. A default twitch background is commonplace to use, but it does not reflect your channel’s conception. It’s not individualized, so viewers willing to learn more about you go to your other pages and search for information from the zero point. It can push your potential audience away, even if they are interested. 

To realize even better the gist of personalized twitch banners, look at their functions:

  • they represent your concept;
  • they may contain information about where else to find you (e. g., platforms);
  • you can design it to inform about the next stream or your schedule;
  • adding any other helpful information would be an advantage.

As you can see, the functions may differ depending on the activity you hold, topics you discuss, and the manner of conducting streams you keep up with.

How to make an offline banner with VistaCreate editor?

Using the VistaCreate editor is easy and pleasant even for not experienced users. You won’t need much time to create a great banner containing the information you want there to be. All you need is to:

  1. Go to the VistaCreate website.
  2. Go to templates. VistaCreate has many collections of templates for any purpose and social media you use.
  3. Choose the category of Covers and Headers.
  4. Find the “Twitch Offline Banner” point from the drop-down list.
  5. Scroll to look through or search for specific images if you know exactly what you want. You can find banners for almost any topic.
  6. Edit the image – add, remove objects, text, change color palette or background, etc. (the size is already set).
  7. Download the picture in an appropriate format. There are 7 formats available.

An intuitive interface will help you make it faster and easier than in a professional photo editor but provide the same quality level. 

Moreover, in VistaCreate, you can use not only templates. If you have a unique concept, you may start creating from scratch, choosing the necessary objects and formatting elements from the libraries, or uploading your custom ones.

To make an integrated style, keep yourself oriented according to the color palettes in the “Styles” section. If you need to make a set of banners for various cases, you can use previously uploaded objects during the next session. It’s also comfortable to add them from libraries to the “Favorites” folder to find them later quickly.

Benefits of using VistaCreate

Concerning the process of making the banners, you can already see how simple it is. Descriptions may seem a little confusing, though when you start editing, you see the fantastic organization of categories. And it is the first advantage. The others include:

  • Saving time  due to the user-friendly interface of an editor, you need much less time for handling unknown software. Search bars for every category help to work with large collections comfortably.
  • Inspiration possibilities – before creating your custom twitch background, you can look through the libraries with the templates to find some new ideas. After all, creativity is unpredictable!
  • Multipurpose nature – the libraries of templates and separate objects consist of universal and specific elements that can help with any issue related to the images for social media.
  • Comfortable website system – you can manage your previous projects or create new ones equally easily. 
  • With all this variability, the interface is not overloaded with details – it is developed according to the exact structure and logic.
  • Most functions are free – to use the main functions, you need neither to pay immediately nor to leave your credit card number. Just log in and use it until you feel the necessity for the premium features.

Peculiarities of individual cases determine the other advantages to experience. Try VistaCreate now and discover your comforts of using the tool!

Twitch offline banner can help you stay organized and your viewers – informed about your activities. It provides better attendance, opinion, and general reputation. To use all the benefits and make the space work for you, take your chance to try VistaCreate with all its strengths!

Rizwan is an avid mobile geek and a gaming lover. He loves to keep a tab on new tech and loves to share the latest tech news and reviews on Smartphones, Gadgets, Apps, and more.


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