Resident Evil Village Shadows of Rose DLC Announced, Launches October 28


Resident Evil Village is getting a new DLC, and it’s called “Shadows of Rose“. The DLC is part of the Resident Evil Village Winters Expansion DLC. It’ll add a third person camera and a new game mode to the game. The new adventure picks up years after the events of the main game, and will follow Rose Winter, the daughter of Ethan Winters. Rose must use her newfound powers to fight off deadly creatures that have been born from her mind.

Shadows of Rose is set 16 years after the main game. It will add a third-person camera option, a feature that fans have been asking for. The third-person mode will let players battle the monsters in a floating camera. It will also introduce new villains and a new hero named Chris Redfield.

The DLC will be available on 28 October. It will be a standalone purchase, although the game will also launch with a Gold Edition with all of the DLC included. The story in Shadows of Rose follows the events of Village 16 years after Ethan Winters’ death. In the game, players must choose who they want to protect and who they want to kill.

The Resident Evil Village game’s first DLC was announced a year ago, and Capcom confirmed that it was being developed. This new adventure is set sixteen years after the original game, and features a third-person perspective, special ice powers, and third-person combat. The game’s Gold Edition will also include the DLC, as well as new content for the Mercenaries mode.


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