Top Storiesdown Alternatives


If you are looking for Storiesdown alternatives, you’re in luck. The below-listed Storiesdown alternatives can help you stalk your favourite people without creating an account. They are completely free and feature no annoying pop-up ads. They even allow you to download stories and view profiles of celebrities such as Mohsin Khan’s Instagram profile. The user interface of these apps is also impressive. Unlike StoriesDown, InstaDP does not require an account and can be downloaded to your computer.

Top Storiesdown Alternatives

Storiesdown is an online platform which allows you to watch Instagram stories anonymously and quickly without the need to log in or have an account. The platform is similar to the popular Picuki app but not private accounts. While this might sound like a flaw, Storiesdown can be useful if you have access to a private account. If you want to use Storiesdown to keep track of your private accounts, you can choose to hide your identity and name from the audience list.



Storiesdown and Instalkr are two tools for anonymously browsing Instagram stories and checking your followers’ likes, comments, and subscriptions. These services are fast and easy to use and let you view stories from an Instagram account without having to follow the person. They also track your followers and unfollow inactive ones if they’re not active enough. Both of these programs have simple user interfaces and a fast algorithm.

The main difference between the two tools lies in the privacy they offer. Instalkr offers anonymity when browsing public Instagram profiles, and it has a feature that allows you to view deleted posts and videos. You can even search for public profiles without signing up for an account. The tool also allows you to view posts that other users have hidden or deleted.

Instalkr is a free tool that lets you browse public Instagram profiles without having to create an account. However, it is not recommended for viewing private Instagram profiles. The free tool Stories IG offers allows you to view any public Instagram account without having to sign up or provide any personal information.


StoriesDown is an app that lets you get an inside look at someone’s life. Unlike Instagram, the StoriesDown app doesn’t require a user account to access the content. It also doesn’t have any pop-up ads or requires you to pay anything to use it. It’s a good choice for writers of all levels.

This free app can help you download Instagram stories anonymously. Just enter a username and search for stories. After the download, you can create an album of your favourite posts. You can also choose to keep the downloaded content private if you don’t want others to see them. This feature is available for both Instagram and TikTok.

InstaDP also allows you to download Instagram stories, reels, and photos in bulk. It is a good alternative to StoriesDown, as it allows you to download the content anonymously without needing to sign up for an Instagram account. It also features a free account and a user-friendly interface. It’s safe and fast, which makes it a popular option among Instagram users.


Inflact is a website that allows you to watch Instagram stories anonymously. It has several tools, including a profile analyzer, hashtag generator, downloader, and font changer. It works with any Instagram account and saves story updates automatically. It also works with Facebook and Twitter. It offers both free and premium plans.

Using Inflact as your Stories viewer and downloader is safe and secure. It allows you to monitor up to 100 accounts and download all stories directly into your profile. Subscription tariffs start at $3 per month for three profiles and go up to $9 per month for ten profiles. Inflact also works as an Instagram photo downloader, so you can save Instagram videos and photos to your computer.

If you want to view Instagram stories without following the user, Inflact lets you download and view all public accounts. It also allows you to automatically download updates to your account.

The app’s Chatbot allows you to send and receive messages without having to follow the accounts. You can also schedule posts. Inflact is a complete social media marketing tool, so you can easily keep your profile active and engaged. It’s also easy to use, with minimal ads that aren’t intrusive.

Qoob stories

If you want to download Instagram stories straight to your computer, Qoob Stories is your best bet. It allows you to download Instagram photos, videos and stories without revealing your identity. And unlike Instagram, Qoob Stories doesn’t require a subscription or membership.

All you have to do is enter the username of the account you’re interested in and start saving. The app also offers features such as auto-save for downloaded content, advanced sorting, and the ability to save post captions.

Qoob Stories is free to use, but you will need to pay for advanced features. However, it offers an easy-to-use user interface and automatic content download. You can also opt to make your profile private or view only other users’ content. Fortunately, Instalkr is another free way to access any public Instagram account.

In addition to providing advanced features, Qoob Stories has very reasonable pricing plans. The Starter version is free and the Personal and Professional plans cost $7 and $25 respectively. Users can choose a plan that suits their needs best.

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