BattleBit Remastered

BattleBit Remastered has received another major update v2.0.0 patch. This comprehensive update brings a wealth of changes aimed at improving the overall gaming experience. The development team has meticulously reviewed player feedback to incorporate meaningful additions and adjustments to the game.

BattleBit Remastered Update v2.0.0 Patch Key Features

  • Bandage Healing
  • Two Map Reworks
  • Weapon Balance Pass
  • Class Adjustments
  • Progression Improvements
  • Removed Squad Auto-Lock
  • Community Server Testing
  • Fear the Seas, the RCB is here

BattleBit Remastered Update v2.0.0 Patch Notes

Here are the new features, changes and improvements made in the latest BattleBit Remastered Update v2.0.0 Patch Notes.

General Player UI/UX Enhancements

One notable change in the update is the removal of auto-locking squads when a party member reserves a squad for their party to join. Instead, non-party members will be prompted to change squads with their roles if the reserved squad is already full, allowing for smoother squad management.

Additionally, players will now experience improved detection when targeting downed players for bandaging and reviving. A bug where player armors and bodies did not sync when the player stood still and the client loaded their object for the first time has also been fixed, ensuring a more consistent gameplay experience.

The update addresses a significant issue related to mine and C4 explosions, ensuring that the shooter takes ownership of the explosion when shooting at these devices, preventing instances of accidental friendly-fire.


Progression/XP Improvements

To create a more balanced and enjoyable progression curve, the development team has eased the difficulty of leveling up after reaching level 15. Players can expect a smoother journey to level 200, with reduced time commitments and XP requirements.

Empty transport and boat vehicles will no longer provide points when destroyed. However, a new XP Score Event has been introduced, granting players additional XP for destroying enemy C4, mines, or claymores, further rewarding tactical gameplay.

Clan Improvements

Clan submissions are now open, but with a minimum requirement of Prestige 1. This change ensures that the clan system remains competitive and engaging for players.

Furthermore, the issue where used clan invites persisted in the invite list has been resolved, providing a more streamlined experience. The limit on clan invites has been adjusted to exclude expired invites, making it easier for clans to manage their invitations.

Universal Bandage Healing Update

To enhance the gameplay experience for all classes, the development team has introduced a significant change to healing mechanics. Bandages now apply self-heal even when bleeding, granting +40 HP for each bandage used, and this improvement is now applicable to all classes. This adjustment aims to make every class more resilient during combat, creating a more diverse and enjoyable gameplay dynamic.

Class Adjustments

Several classes have received updates and improvements:

  • The Assault class now has access to Ranger Armors and additional weapon types, including Personal Defense Weapon and Designated Marksman Rifle types: Honey Badger – Groza – P90 – AsVal – MK20 – M110 – MK14 – SVD.
  • Engineers and Support classes can now utilize new deployable barbed wires for enhanced tactical options.
  • Engineers receive a 2.5x XP bonus for vehicle destruction, providing an incentive for players to engage in vehicular combat.

Weapon Adjustments

The development team has fine-tuned several weapons to ensure a more balanced and enjoyable gameplay experience. Weapon attachments will no longer affect player speed, and aim punch/flinch has been adjusted to scale down based on the damage received, creating a more realistic and immersive combat environment.

Specific changes to individual weapons include adjustments to the Kriss Vector, ACR, AK5C, and SG550 to optimize their performance and balance.

Vehicle Enhancements

With the introduction of the new RCB90 sea vehicle, players can now engage in even more dynamic and exciting naval battles. Destroying enemy vehicles now rewards players with different XP rewards based on the vehicle type, promoting strategic vehicle use.

The update also includes improvements to road kill detection, adjustments to Littlebird minigun damage, and balance changes for APCs and tanks. Additionally, players can now be healed when returning to the base for repairs, eliminating the need to exit the vehicle and reducing the risk of vehicle hijacking.

Two Map Reworks

The development team has been hard at work reworking and expanding several maps to provide fresh and exciting gameplay experiences. Notable map reworks include District, Wine Paradise, MultuIslands, Wakistan, TensaTown, and Namak. These changes aim to enhance gameplay flow and optimize map layouts.

Quality of Life Improvements for Capture the Flag (CTF)

District and Sandy Sunset now support the CTF game mode, and safe zones have been added to provide better gameplay balance. The flag will no longer be teleported back to the enemy base when moved to the safe zone, and issues with flag recapture while swimming have been resolved. Players will also earn more XP for successfully capturing the enemy flag, further incentivizing engaging CTF gameplay.

Community Server API Enhancements

The Community Server API has seen significant progress, with the addition of map and gamemode rotation options for server admins. This empowers server administrators to customize their gaming experience for their community.

Furthermore, the API allows for manipulation of player roles, access to official stats, and callbacks for various player actions, making community server management more versatile and dynamic.

The update marks a major milestone in BattleBit Remastered’s evolution, and players can expect even more features and improvements in future updates as the development team expands testing and access to the Community Server API.

BattleBit Remastered v2.0.0 Patch promises to elevate the gaming experience with faster progression, universal healing, exciting new maps, and balanced gameplay changes. Players are encouraged to dive into the action and explore the enhancements made to their favorite game. Let the battles begin!

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