Minecraft Championship

Minecraft Championship (MCC) 16, Who Won, Schedule Date, Winning Team, and More

The Minecraft Championship 16, often known as MCC, is a championship event in which renowned Minecraft developers compete in four teams to win different minigames. The event took place this month...
Respiration Enchantment

Minecraft Respiration Enchantment and What It Does?

In today's Minecraft guide we are going to talk about Respiration Enchantment in Minecraft and what it does in the game. If you are not already familiar with the Respiration Enchantment...

How to Make Smoker in Minecraft, Smoker Recipe Minecraft

In our previous posts, we talked about several Minecraft guides. Today, we will go through the post below that is about Smoker in the Minecraft game. A Smoker is a type...
Feather Falling

What is Feather Falling in Minecraft? All You Need to Know

When you fell down in the Minecraft game the thing that protects you from the damage or reduces the overall damage amount is called Feather Falling. In Minecraft, Feather Falling is...
Minecraft Caves & Cliffs

How to Download Minecraft Caves & Cliffs 1.17 Update APK for Android: Step-by-step Guide

Today in this Minecraft Guide we will be giving you all the details about the most recent Minecraft update Caves & Cliffs update 1.17.0. We will also provide you full details...
Minecraft Ravager

What is Minecraft Ravager, Minecraft Hostile Mob Ravager

In our previous Minecraft Guide, we have already talked about several Minecraft topics including Minecraft Sponges, Anvil, Shears, Grindstone, Conduit, Crossbow, and more. Today, in this post, we will be giving...
Anvils in Minecraft

What is Anvil in Minecraft, How to Make or Craft It?

Minecraft is all about blocks, everything you do in the game is co-related with the blocks. That's why, Minecraft features a huge list of Blocks that are used in the game...

How to Make Shears in Minecraft

Shears in Minecraft are one of the many tools which are used when we need to shear sheep to get wool and mine a few types of blocks. So, how would...
Grindstone in Minecraft

How to Make a Grindstone in Minecraft

Grindstone is really useful when it comes to repairing any items and tools as well as removing enchantments from them. It's a block that is used as we said to repair...

How to Make a Conduit in Minecraft

Conduit is a type of Block that appears similar to the beacon block in Minecraft. As we all know, blocks are one of the main elements in the Minecraft game. So,...
Minecraft Crossbow

Minecraft Crossbow: All You Need to Know

In Minecraft apart from melee weapons which are mostly used in close combat. There are several weapons that fall in the ranged weapons in Minecraft. These weapons are quite good when...
Minecraft SMP

What Does SMP and SSP Mean in Minecraft?

If you play Minecraft then you must have heard about SMP and SSP is Minecraft, didn't you? SMP and SSP in Minecraft are two of the main modes which are part...