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Get everything here about how to. The page covers articles about how to tutorials, how to tips and how to do anything. i.e. How make kindle fire run faster.

Secure Windows PC

4 Top Ways to Secure Windows PCs

With more than a 70 percent market share, it is safe to say that Microsoft’s Windows operating system (OS) is easily the world’s favorite computer platform. Accordingly, the OS’s popularity makes...
Connect Xbox Wireless Controller

3 Simple Ways to Connect Xbox Wireless Controller to a Windows 10 PC

When it comes to connecting your Xbox Wireless Controller to your Windows 10 PC. There are three main options including USB, Xbox Wireless, or Bluetooth by which you can get your...
Samsung DeX

How to Use Samsung DeX Wirelessly on Your TV Using Galaxy S21, S21+ and...

Samsung DeX helps you effortlessly convert your TVs into a temporary PC by just using an HDMI cable, a DeX multiport adapter, a USB-C to USB-C charging cable, or connecting to...
Enable PS5 HDR

How to Enable and Adjust HDR on PS5 Console in Two Simple Steps

With HDR enabled on your PS5 you can experience playing games with a higher contrast or larger colour and brightness range than Standard Dynamic Range (SDR). If you have a PS5...
PS4 to PS5

How to Transfer Games and Saved Data From PS4 to PS5 Consoles?

The fifth and the latest edition of PlayStation is finally out. And, we believe you have already installed it in your home. But, the question is— can I resume my gaming...
Live Wallpapers

How to Find and Add Video Animated Live Wallpapers on Android Smartphone, Laptop, and...

Wallpapers are something that we all love on the home screen of our, desktop PC, laptop, and Android smartphone. If you go by searching, you will find hundreds and thousands of...

How to Get Free Instagram Followers and Likes

What is the essence of an Instagram account without likes and followers? And not just likes and followers. One or two Instagram likes and followers won’t in any way make you...
Facebook Likes

How Facebook Likes Are An Important Factor For Your Popularity?

Facebook is a platform where you are just a click away from a person thousands of miles away from you. This makes Facebook the best place to showcase your talent. This...
snapchat on iphone

4 Ways to Potentially Fix iPhone Keeps Restarting Issue When Using Snapchat

We have come to know a new iPhone glitch that keeps restarting the phone when using Snapchat. Several iPhone users have reported this issue in the past few days and if...
OnePlus TV

How to Expand or Increase OnePlus TV Storage Space – 6 Steps to Follow

One Plus TV comes with 16GB storage space, out of which 7.4GB covers the Android OS, and only 8.6GB are limited to Apps, Data, and Media. The TV usage for media...
Game Room

Top Tips For Buying Your First Home As a Gamer

Buying a home for the first time can be one of the most exciting yet stressful things you can do. As one of life’s major milestones, it’s important you make the...
Online Classes

How Students Benefit from Online Classes?

Online classes have become an important part of a student’s life. Online education has seen a marked increase in the past few years and even more so after the onset of...