Easily Send and Receive Emails from your Facebook AccountAs everyone knows that Facebook is very popular social networking site on the internet and every one has a account on Facebook so they can easily share their stuffs with the world or with their friends and family. People do lots of things on Facebook like sharing photos, comment, videos etc.

Facebook has so many other services also like ‘Facebook Email’. Have you ever tried Facebook email service if not then let me tell you, except doing all the things on Facebook you can also send and receive Emails from your Facebook account. Few days ago Facebook has introduced a new feature for its users.

This feature allows users to create their email address using with @facebook.com. Your Email will look like this ‘YOUR NAME@FACEBOOK.COM. You can use this ID to Send and Receive Emails from your Facebook account. With this Facebook email address. You can do almost everything which you do with your other email service.

Create Facebook Email Address:
To get your Facebook Email address just follow simple steps below.

1- Log in to your account
2- Go to Messages tab on the left side and click on that.

Send and Receive Emails from Facebook

3- Then click on the option ‘Claim your Facebook email’.
4- Now enter your Email ID which you want to use as your Facebook Email ID like ‘yourname@facebook.com’.
5- Now click on the ‘Activate Button’.

Now you have created your Facebook email ID, you can now send any email to your friends or any one you can also send file by attaching them with your Email.

Note:This is not a official Email service as you use like g mail, yahoo mail etc but you can use this service just as part of your Facebook conversations only. 

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