Have you ever use Yahoo Messenger? of course you have done it before. Yahoo Messenger is free on line chat service from Yahoo.com which lets people to talk with each other by using Yahoo Messenger chat service.To use Yahoo Messenger just sign up for a free account and then download Yahoo Messenger from internet instal it then open Yahoo Messenger log in with your Yahoo ID and password.

Now join the chat room of your choice and start chatting. Now have ever tried to use your yahoo messenger as a online radio station When you get into the room you can convert your room into a radio station just follow the steps to start.

Go to any chat room after entering the room make sure your speakers are connected well with your system and your mice is working properly. Then just put your mic with your speakers so it can stream your songs clearly.

Now click on the ‘Hands Free’ then click on the ‘Talk’ button to stream the song you want to play into the room. Now open your music player and play any song that you want to stream into the room so people can listen your song. You can use this play the song into the room of Yahoo messenger and you can have fun by playing any song, jokes or any sms. You can also ask to the people that what song they want to listen.       

If you don’t want to listen any ones song or any thing that others are playing you can stop the song by ignoring that person to ignore a person just see the name of the person appearing beside the Talk button then go to the online user list on the main chat window and look for that person name if you get that name just right click on the name of that person and click ignore. Now you can play your songs without any interference.