Creating Content? How Good Content Can Better Your SEO and Page Rank


Creating good content for your website or blog is forever significant.. There are a number of things which you have to take care of which can make a big difference. Below I will describe step by step that how you should create good content for your site.For every blog and website content is very important, so it should be created very carefully and it should include all the things that is necessary to complete the content. Content is very important when it comes to your SEO strategy also, a well written content can make a big difference when it comes to search engine ranking.

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Here are the things which you have to take care of while producing content for your website.

1- Topic:
The first thing that you have to take care of is the topic of your content that you are going to create. This is the most important factor when you are going to write anything about. Your topic should be unique and it should have something interesting which people want to read about, I know that choosing a unique and fresh topic could be very annoying some time, but you have to do this when every time you will go about creating your content.

2- Styling:
The style of your writing is also very important, as it describes that how you are going to present your words into your content. It all depends on your wring style and mood, sometime people writes only to the point and they make it short but it all depends that how you want to express your words, sometimes you really feel that today I have to write something different and you go for it and you create some good content and don’t even care about the number words you use for it.

Try to create a Good looking content, as it makes people to easily navigate through your content and it also makes them to understand your post if you have described step by step by adding important headings and phrases and you can also use a good quality image that can describe your content nicely. You can use the bold and italic styles to show the important lines of your content.

4- Editing:
When you finish writing your content then you can’t just publish it on your website, because after completing your post, there is a important part comes of editing your content before publishing it on your website. So how would you do that? If you are not a Good writer or you think that you can’t create a Good content then you could be wrong because there lots of great editing tools like gingersoftware this is an online content editing and proofreading tool that allows you to create good content. If you don’t know much about English or grammar then it can help to fix your grammar and other English problems you can also use this tool to create or edit your written content.

An image is very important into your posts, if you put the right image into your post, it can easily make people to see at your post, a good image can also describe your content so people will get curious to know more about your post so it increases the number of chance people will see and look at your post. Also, don’t forget to use ‘‘ALT-tags’’ into your images, using an ALT-tags in your images makes search engine understand about images that relates to your content. So when a person searches for an image on Google so he can easily find the images on your blog.

If you use blogger blog then to add alt-tag and title tags into your images just add the image using the image upload option right above your post, and then just click on the image and go to properties and there you can use the alt-tag and title tags to describe about the image. If an image has a picture of laptop which someone is using then you can simply put the keywords like this ‘’a person is typing on laptop’’ ‘’Typing on laptop’’ etc.

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6-Length of Content
After all of this what about the content length? The content length is also very important, sometimes it depends on the topic of your posts that how long you want to create your post. But if you write long posts with all the important information then it increases the value of your content in search results. When you write longer post then there are more keywords in your post and when Google indexes website pages, then longer post performs better in search results because there are more keywords are indexed when more keywords getindexed the better your website pages will perform in searches.

Google uses web crawler called Googlebots to index website pages and when it starts crawling your website pages it uses different type of heading tags like (H1, H2, H3 etc.) it also checks titles of your site meta tags, image title and ALT tags etc.

How a well and good written content can better your SEO and Page Rank
Getting quality backlinks to your website is the most important factor of your SEO. When you create long good quality content, then it’s more likely to get quality backlinks to your website. When you really put effort in creating your content, then people read and likes your post and sometime many of them who finds your content informative and interesting they share, like and link back to their website, this a great way of getting quality backlinks for your site.

Creating good content is always increases the chance of getting more likes more shares and off course it also help to improve your search ranking, SEO and Page Rank. So When you plan for any new post try full it with all the cool things and try to add some extra value in your content. Make it simple so everyone can understand your post easily. Make it search engine friendly by adding keywords meta tags, like atl tags, title tags, heading with (H1, H2, H3) etc. All these things will make your content more professional and good.

Feel free to ask and share any thing you want, or just let us know how you are going to write your next post?

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