Safety First: 5 Safe Apps for Safer Driving

Smartphones are a wonderful invention, filled with new and exciting breakthroughs nearly every day, but they also provide innumerable distractions, particularly while driving. Here are 5 apps that will allow for safer driving while on the road. Pro Pro is one of the most innovative safe apps available. Downloadable for all Blackberry, Android and iPhone devices, this unique app reads both the drivers text messages and e-mails aloud the moment they receive them, allowing the driver to forgo touching their phone.

Safety First: 5 Safe Apps for Safer Driving
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With texting becoming an excessively popular form of communication, it’s extra important to stave off doing so while driving, as no one wants to receive a texting while driving ticket. The TextArrest app will disable both texting and e-mail on your smartphone, as the app is able to know when your car is going above 5mph and locks the phone screen accordingly.

Cellcontrol Application
Cellcontrol uses Bluetooth technology in combination with the vehicle diagnostics of your car and will disable portions of your phone upon sensing motion from the vehicle. It also handily works with both laptops and tablets, so you’re never itching to use one of those devices instead.

Steer Clear Mobile
Steer Clear Mobile is one of the more basic safe apps available, but also extremely useful. This app is a learning tool for young and inexperienced drivers that will teach them a large variety of different driving lessons. These drivers also have the ability to record their mileage, driving time and road conditions while they’re driving, which they can look at and study later on. Anyone with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod can download this app for free.

Safe Driver
If you’re a parent, one of your biggest worries is seeing your kid earn their drivers license and fretting every time they are on the road. With the Safe Driver app, you can put your mind at ease. This app will directly monitor all of the driving situations and locations of the teenage driver. It will, in turn, alert parents through either text or e-mail any time that driver goes past certain speed-limits or other similar unsafe driving mistakes. This app can be found on an iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

While all of these safe apps offer a number of different functionalities, they each provide substantial safety tools that could really help keep you or your children from being distracted while driving.

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