Email alert services are really great when we really don’t want to miss anything happening from the web. there are many great email alerts services like Google Alert which makes anything to track very easy and lets you know about anything what’s happening on the web.But this is not only one in this category, there are lot more great email alert services which will keep you alert from anything happens new on the web. Here i have listed 15 Email Alerts Services that i think you should check.

15 Great Email Alerts Services
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1- Follow your World: This is a free Google email alert services. If you really want to keep track any of your locations imagery, this service will help you to do so. By using this service you can keep track of any new imagery get updated on Google map and Google earth. Just mark the point and submit you location and when Google will update its satellite and aerial imagery in your area, it will notify you by email.

2- Brook: This is a tweet related service. If you really don’t want to miss any tweets from any of your favorite tweeters then this service can help you by keeping you alert by sending emails new tweets into your inbox. Just go to the site and sign in with your twitter account and it will start sending five of the best tweets from the people you would select, so you will never miss any of your tweets from your favorite tweeters.

3- Newsle: This service help you track and send you and alert every time when any of your Facebook and LinkedIn friend makes any news on any news websites. The service uses and analyzes your Facebook and LinkedIn profile to track when any of your social site friend appears on a news website.

4- Visual Ping: Use it if you want to keep track of any websites visual and area changes. The service help you to know when a web page and website area changes. Simply mark a web page on a website and it will send you an alerts when the web page and website area will change.

5- Earthquake Alerts: You can simply mark your area on Google map and Earthquake Alerts will send you a free email alert when a Earthquake would be reported in your area.

6- Domain Tools: By using this service you can easily keep track of any web domains. The service helps you monitor any new domain activities like when the domains are going to expire, when it will be renewed and any other crucial changes in the domains.

7- Book Alerts: This is an amazon service which you can use search for favorite upcoming books from your favorite authors. Just fill out a short form and you are done.

8- Follow-Up: Sometime you really need to Follow-up some of your very important emails in Gmail but when you didn’t get the time to read such email you simply mark the ‘Star’ so you can easily Follow-up that email later. There is a solution for that created by ‘Amit Agarwal’ a well known and very popular web geek from India. He has created a Google script which can be used to created follow-up email emails alert system into your Gmail.

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9- Talkwalker: This service send free alerts every time when you any of your website and brand name gets listed in a news stories, websites and forums.

10- Wikipedia Watch- You can add some Wikipedia pages into Wikipedia Watchlist and when there would be any edits and changes it send you and email alerts for this change.

 11- Mention: with this you can keep track of anything being said on the web and and social media sites. You can easily get alerts from any social media and any commenting platform like Disqus.

12-Timehop: This is great service which let remind your lifes favorite moments by sending you photos and updates everyday, that you may have shared years ago from your social media profiles like Facebook, Instamatic, twitter etc.

13- IFTTT: This site has lot more thing to send you as an alert. IFTTT offers a big number of alert services like your iPhone photos to your phone, weather alerts, sound cloud email alerts from users you follow.

14- Amazon Price Tracker: With this email alert service you can get alert of about the price ups and downs of your favorite products on amazon website.

15- MouseLock: This is a great service which sends an email alert with the photo of the person who uses your computer when you are away from your computer.

Hope you would like this post. Just share your views with me which one you like the most?