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Every time your computer starts lagging or start running slow you feel like you should through this machine away and should switch to a newly upgraded computer. this sounds like a great idea until you think about the money you need to spend to upgrade your old computer. it is not a good idea to keep spending money to upgrade your old system and this does not mean that you should buy an entirely new system. Actually, it is not that tough to make your old system run like a new one. Here are some simple ways to make your computer run like an entirely new machine.

1- Check resource monitor:

On the first step, you should check activity monitor that which programs or applications are taking out RAM or the CPU. You can end the task and processes from then and there. In the list of application consuming your resources if you find any of the programs which you do no use at all then you can decide to uninstall it. To access resource monitor you can directly type resource monitor in the search box or you can also check CPU or performance usage using task manager.

2- Uninstall unwanted programs:

If you are using the same computer from a long time, then there may be lots of programs which you might have installed for one-time use and you are not aware that they are still there on your computer. some of these programs automatically start on startup and then keep running in the background. To get rid of all such programs access control panel and look for remove programs. In remove programs wizard you will find the list of all the programs installed on your computer and you can easily remove them by selecting them and clicking uninstall button.


3- Clear temporary files:

Temporary files eat GBs of space on your hard drive. If it is not in your habit to clear temporary files, then you will surprise to see the size they are taking on your hard drive. There can be many ways to clear temporary files from your computer. first of all, you should clear browsing data, cache, and cookies from your browsers. Next, you can use disk clean up wizard to clear all the temporary files on the drive. You can access disk clean up wizard by right-clicking on a drive and then by going to properties. You will find a button of disk clean up.

Disk Cleanup

4- Installing antivirus software:

These days antivirus software do a lot more than protecting your computer from Malware. It is obvious that malware can make your computer slow Anti-malware software not only eliminate them to enhance your computing experience, but they also have some inbuilt functions to clear junk and temporary files from your computer. this software also comes with many tunes up utilities. sometimes it works like a magic and after installing an anti-malware your computer starts working like a new one.

5- Keep updating your operating system:

Sometimes the problem is not with your hardware it is your operating system which becomes outdated and struggles in coping up with updates in software. Operating system developers keep releasing updates to make systems function smoothly and to remove bugs from it. Time to time you should keep connecting your computer to the internet to get the updates installed on your system.

This is how these 5 simple tips can help you to run your computer run like new. So if you are making your mind to buy a new computer then first you should try these simple tips and tricks to boost it up.

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