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In our previous post, we have talked about how you can download the new Xbox (Beta) App on your Windows 10 PC. From the last couple of weeks, we have been getting a lot of queries about how to change gamertag on Xbox app or how to change your gamertag on Xbox app. Well, if you are one of those people and don’t know how to change gamertag on Xbox app then this post is for you.

What is Gamertag?

Unlike gamerpic that represents a user’s profile picture on the Xbox app. Gamertag is an alias that appears along with the gamerpic on the right. In more simple words, Gamertag is your name on the Xbox app.

The purpose of having a gamertag on the Xbox app is to provide you a way to have your own unique name or alias that represents you when you’re playing games and sharing with other people in the Xbox community.

Here is an official description for Gamertag.

”Gamertag is your identity on Xbox Live. It’s how other users see you in games, send you friend and game invites, and send messages”

How to Get or Create a Gamertag on the Xbox App?

You get your first gamertag created automatically when the first time you sign in to the Xbox app. But in case if you don’t like your gamertag, the Xbox app also allows you to change your gamertag once for free. Note that the first time changing your gamertag is free, but all other future gamertag changes require a fee (cost varies by region and currency.

How to Change Gamertag on Xbox App for Windows 10 PC, and Mobile

If you are going to change your gamertag on the Xbox app for Windows 10 PC or mobile then follow the easy steps below. The steps are similar whether you are going to change gamertag on the Xbox app for PC or mobile.

How to Change Gamertag on Xbox App, The Easiest Way

  • Go to the link on your PC or Mobile and sign in with your Microsoft email ID and password also associated with your current gamertag.
  • Now, just enter your new gamertag on the next window and click Check Availability.


  • Finally, click Change Gamertag if it’s available.

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