Turismo 7 drift

How to Drift in Gran Turismo 7

Drifting is really a fun part of any car racing game, and Gran Turismo 7 is no exception here. If you have just started playing Gran Turismo 7 and looking for...
Age of Empires IV Achievements

Age of Empires IV All Achievements & How to Unlock Them

Age of Empires IV is now officially out for Windows PC and if you are looking for all the Achievements which you can unlock in the game then you are at...
Axolotl Islands Map

How to Download Axolotl Islands Map in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Mojang has released a new map called Axolotl Islands for Minecraft and if you are not sure how you can download this free map then this guide is for you. Axolotl...
Alexander the Iron Fists

How to Complete Alexander the Iron Fists Questline in Elden Ring

There are several ways to complete the Alexander the Iron Fists questline in the Elden Ring. Iron Fist Alexander is an NPC in Elden Ring. To get the quest, you need to go to Limgrave. There,...
Spruce Tree Wood in Minecraft

How to Get Spruce Tree Wood in Minecraft

In Minecraft, spruce tree wood is the highest tier type of wood that you can use to craft with and build things with. That makes it extremely valuable, but it also...
WWE 2K22 Controller

How to Fix WWE 2K22 Controller/Gamepad Not Working Issue on PC

If you're having trouble playing WWE 2K22 with your controller, here's a quick guide to fix WWE 2K22 Controller/Gamepad not working issue on PC. Changing the Big Picture Configuration or General...

Street Fighter 6: Chun-Li Character Guide: Moveset, Playstyle, Strategies and Tips

Street Fighter has captivated gamers worldwide with its intense battles and iconic characters. One character that has consistently stood out throughout the series is none other than the formidable Chun-Li. With...
Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West: How to Get Flying Machine Mount (Sunwing)

The flying machine mount (Sunwing) is one of the most sought-after items in Horizon Forbidden West. It allows you to fly across vast areas of the Forbidden Lands with ease. You...
Move Cards

10 Best Marvel Snap Move Cards

Marvel Snap Move cards are a fun and interactive way to learn about Marvel characters and their abilities. They feature different hero poses and come with their own special effects that...
Back 4 Blood Character

Back 4 Blood Character Tier List – Best Cleaners Tier List

Back 4 Blood is Turtle Rock Studios' return to the once-legendary Left 4 Dead franchise. With Back 4 Blood's frenzied campaign action, replayability, and class system. The developers have attempted to...

Elden Ring: How to Get Eleonora’s Poleblade Sword

If you are looking for where and how to get the Eleonoras Poleblade in the Elden Ring game then we have got you covered in this guide. Below you can find...

How to Make Smoker in Minecraft, Smoker Recipe Minecraft

In our previous posts, we talked about several Minecraft guides. Today, we will go through the post below that is about Smoker in the Minecraft game. A Smoker is a type...