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The iPhone 4 As an Entry Level Contract Phone

With the release of the iPhone 5 this year, it came as no surprise the iPhone 4 would replace the 3GS as the entry level model for Apple's iPhone series. Apple...

Many Cellphone Users Go Crazy For the Latest Free Technology

When was the last time you ever felt excited about receiving a cell phone bill? I bet this has been awhile or never happened before. How about getting excited for a...
Flip Phone

The Future of Flip Phones – A Real Alternative to Smart Phones

There was a time when flip phones dominated the mobile handset market. You would be hard pressed to find someone who didn't have the flavor of the month, mainly being the...

Switching from a Prepaid Phone to a Contract One?

With the mobile phone industry at constant war within itself, it can be difficult to find the ideal network with the most suitable pay monthly rate. The ever-changing market mean's that...

How to Use Apple Apps

Apple is a growing company in today’s global market. Many individuals suggest that it may have a monopoly on the field of cellular phones and portable electronics. One of the most...

Bypassing Flash Restriction on iPhones

Browsing on the iPhone can be described in two easy words: smooth and fast. You can visit any webpage, view any information, download any media, and scroll through entries very easily....

Sci-Fi Special Effects Coming to a Smartphone Near You

Show a traveler from the past your smart phone and you could find yourself being denounced as either an ungodly demon or an alien, and we’re not talking about a traveler from ancient history either,...

The iPhone 5’s Most Exciting Features

The wait for what Apple marketed as the “thinnest, lightest, fastest iPhone” ever was over on September 21. Undoubtedly, it is the best version to date and along with the Samsung...

Pay as You Go or Contract Phones

This is the first decision that anyone needs to make regarding their mobile phone. Pay as you go has advantages, and a phone contract has different advantages. Trying to compare phone...

The Top 5 Mobile Network Optimization Companies

With everyone wanting to be on the Internet these days, network optimization is vital to get right. Here are the top 5 mobile network optimization companies you can choose from in...

Six Really Fun Spanish Apps for iPhone

Want to learn Spanish, or just want some cool, new ways to experience the Spanish language? Here are six fun Spanish apps (available in the iTunes App Store) that you must...

Milestone Models in Mobile Phone History

Mobile phones have taken a long journey from their tender beginnings to the advanced machines that they are today. While some users take the feature-rich devices for granted, the digital age...