Dual-Mode Audio

How to Enable or Use Realme UI Dual-Mode Audio or Dual Earphones Feature

One of the key features which Realme introduced with its latest Realme UI 1.0 is the Dual-Mode Audio feature or the Dual Earphones feature. The new Dual-Mode Audio feature aims at...

Tips to Hack WhatsApp without Touching a Target Phone

Do you want to read WhatsApp messages of your children? Fortunately, you can do this without touching their device. Cocospy is a fantastic spy app to keep an eye on your...
Xiaomi Mi Box 3 Oreo Update Install

How to Download and Install Android Oreo 8.0 on Xiaomi Mi Box 3 (Manually)

I already reported in my previous post that Android Oreo 8.0 update is now started rolling out for the Xiaomi Mi Box 3 and it will be available via an OTA...

Block Or Delete History From Certain Websites in Your Browser

To day i will tell you about web history which gets stored into your browser whenever you visit a website or a webpage.When you visit a site or a web page...
Game Room

Top Tips For Buying Your First Home As a Gamer

Buying a home for the first time can be one of the most exciting yet stressful things you can do. As one of life’s major milestones, it’s important you make the...

5 Tips to Becoming a Professional Gamer

The online gaming industry is growing fast. In the recent past, there are many players who have earned millions of dollars through online games. As such, online gaming has attracted many...

Tips to Extend the Battery Life of your MacBook Pro

You feel really downhearted when you use your MacBook Pro outside your office or home and you get to see that its battery is fast draining. It actually happens because of overusing or...

Top 10 Most Common Mobile App Design Mistakes

The mobile app market is saturated with competition. Trends turn over quickly, but no niche can last very long without several competitors jumping onto the bandwagon. These conditions result in a...

Is Using VPN Safe on Public Wi-Fi? Here are a Few Tips to Consider!

The need for using the internet regardless of where you are is real and it’s increasing. It doesn’t matter if there’s a lecture that needs to be downloaded or a friend...

How to enjoy Windows 8 Metro on Android

Android environment appears to be more open and free than apple iOS and Windows 8. On the other hand, do you think Windows 8 Metro style vivid and attractive since Android...
Video Tutorials

5 Best How to Tutorial Video Web Sites-Get Answer to Your Questions

There are lots of people who search the internet to get their answer, today we know that internet is a place where we can get almost every answer to our questions...
Effects of Texting

Negative Effects of Texting on Student Writing Skills

If you ask older people or professors what they think about texting and studying, the reaction will be strongly negative, mostly because older people, in general, are not very fond of...